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I liked this strange picture...

But the strange thing is, I don't play with dolls.
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But the strange thing is, I don't play with dolls.
<TABLE><TD><text=lightblue><a href=""> <img
src=" " border="0"></a></TD><TD><div align=left>You mainly stay alone
playing with your...dolls. You are a great movie, yet no one really appreciates you. Thats ok. You're allowed to stay in the
closet if you want to.<br> <font size=-2><center><a
href="">What movie are
you?</a></center></font></td></TABLE> made by <lj user=jupluna>
<H3>My Results Links</H3>
<TABLE><TR><TD><B># 1</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">Toys</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 2</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">Hackers</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 3</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">The Labyrinth</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 4</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">Rose Red</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 5</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">The Matrix</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 6</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 7</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">Daylight</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 8</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">Forrest Gump</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 9</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">The Rocky Horror Picture Show</B></TD></TR><TR><TD><B># 10</B></TD><TD><B><A href="">The X-Men</B></TD></TR></TABLE>
And now for sleep...
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