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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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random musings
Nell is playing on the satellite while I work this afternoon. Which reminded me about Michael Jackson. The local talk jocks have been making much of Michael Jackson's looks, including his nose. Is it just me, or does he look like he's trying to become Jody Foster? Maybe it's just the nose.

From the paper -

Merlene Davis wrote a column yesterday that succeeded in making me feel young. There's a feat. She wrote about the March of Dimes and what they're about. She was surprised to learn that they fight birth defects. I was surprised, reading her column to learn that they originally fought polio.

I thought all the drama was over for Critter, but no. It seems that Jessamine County is considering whether to establish a Ninth Grade School. If they do, it would be effective as of 2005, and mean that Critter would attend East Jessamine two years, then switch to West Jessamine. Possibly commuting to East for any technology classes. Looks like I'm going to miss part of work tomorrow night to attend the community meeting.

It looks like the man who's been serving time in a women's jail will get to stay in the state women's prison where he was recently transferred.

Last week, Brody made the front page, in an effort to rescind a school tax increase in Clark county. Today, he was mentioned again, this time on the front page of the City/Region section.

In business notes, FAO Schwarz is failing. The article indicates they plan to liquidate Zany Brainy and sell off FAO and Right Start.

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Why does Brody want the tax rescinded?

He doesn't want the tax rescinded, just the increase:

"After the increase was passed in October, businessman led an Internet-based petition drive to put the issue to a referendum. The-drive received 2,700 signatures in a county of 33,000. Board members met last night to decide whether to fight for the increase by holding the election, or rescind it."

With a tie vote, the referendum will remain on the ballot.

Then why does he want the increase rescinded?

Now I feel older - *I* knew that they started against polio...maybe I just learned it in a medical class - yeah! :p

that sucks I actually liked Zany Brainy

that school plan seems kooky, I wonder who came up with that idea?

I'm getting the impression that freshman-aged students are a difficult bunch. TLS doesn't have to deal with them, now they've cancelled ninth grade; the public schools are starting these programs to isolate them in schools of their own.

Or, maybe it's just the dramatic difference between middle school and high school, making freshman need a school to themselves to adjust. I personally think it's wacky, which is why I'm taking a half-night of work off tomorrow to go to the meeting about it.

Uh, yeah, because you know isolating them from the thing they need to get used to is going to be SO helpful? What moron thought that one up?

Seriously, if they need to adjust you need to come up with ways to help them adjust /within/ the environment they need to adjust to, not shelter them from it. That's going to make the problem worse.

I suspect it's a wrong-headed nod toward saving them academically while they're "adjusting."

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