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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I waited to get online until after I'd caught up:
  • Fixed banana pancakes for breakfast
  • Dropped the kids at school
  • Dropped off an envelope for Flar
  • Sorted through about-to-expire coupons for grocery shopping tomorrow
  • Read the paper
  • Washed dishes (and miscellaneous candle holders)
  • Folded old, clean laundry
  • Had lunch

First day of December, and I never sat down to the first writing session for Nanowrimo. I counted the raw material I was going to be working with: I wrote 27,887 words in this and my other journal this month. Maybe next year I'll join, and work on converting my October posts into a novel. ;)

The Interactive Mystery was mildly entertaining last night. I actually guessed the murderer, but thought the solution was more complicated than it was. I suppose I'm spoiled by good mystery books. ;)

And now it's time to leave for car-line.

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Did the butler do it?

I didn't work on NanoWrimo either, if it makes you feel any better. :)

Santa did it. But then, all the male suspects were in Santa suits, so that went without saying. One of the irritating parts of the evening was the lack of explanation for any of the Santa suits.

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