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Where'd all my oomph go?

Tigger tried to wake me up this morning before Critter was awake (8:30 am), to help wrap his present, but I once again woke feeling puny, so he wrapped it by himself and let me sleep. I finally got out of bed at 11am, after reading the exciting conclusion to Timeline. Now I can see the movie and see what they change for the screen. ;)

Breakfasted on eggs and cereal, then worked with Critter on pictures for his yearbook. That's just a prelude to the big job of organizing our pictures for the year, to make CDs for family. We scanned his preferred baby picture and then selected a "current" one from the Spring Break pictures this year.

Then I sat down with Tigger and worked on quill pens. First we had to find the instructions. Then I had to find my Exacto blade. The first quill was easier to trim, but the second one had a more pleasing line once we finally cut it.

I showered, determined that the sweater I really wanted to wear is horribly wrinkled, in the bottom of the "delicate wash" basket, and found other clothes. Packed/cleared out the car, and then sat down to read email and LJ rather than wash dishes. I didn't quite have the energy for standing up at the sink right then.

And now, I'm off to Louisville for an interactive mystery with Wolf and Sydb.

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