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Not so lazy Sunday

I started out lazy. Mom called and woke me up around 10:30am, and I rolled over to go back to sleep but I couldn't stay asleep. I was really congested, but not quite headachy, just not able to go back to sleep, so I read awhile.

At noon, I got up and dressed. That's the time the bedroom clock stopped, so I wound it and started it again.

I walked into a gloriously clean kitchen (if you didn't notice the table). Critter had already been up and fed the dogs and done the dishes. All the dishes I'd washed yesterday were put away, the dishes sink was empty, and the dishwasher was running. I enjoyed a nice breakfast of Trix and fried eggs while reading the paper, then I went upstairs to find the boys.

Tigger wanted to put up his pre-lighted Christmas tree in the playroom this weekend, so I got the boys to clean the playroom, and vacuumed. The boys had cleaned the back landing last week, so it really needed it, and it's been since forever since I vacuumed the stairs. Critter helped steady the rainbow down the stairs while I did them. He says carrying the rainbow is easier than vacuuming to my standards. Maybe if I had lower standards, I'd clean more often. ;)

We had leftover Thanksgiving dinner for lunch, and I transferred the remaining leftovers to smaller containers. Then I found mail that had been brought in while I was out this week, and opened it and found the boys' grade reports for the first term. So we all sat down in the dining room where I read the grade reports and then read Tigger's wish list, and correct some of the spelling.

After lunch, we all trooped up to Critter's room to help him clean for the cabinet maker to install his new desk, starting Monday. Tigger played gopher, carrying things out of the room, Critter worked on clearing off his computer desk, and I swept the contents of his floor into increasing smaller spaces to be picked through for not-trash. We managed to clean up everything but his homework desk by 6pm. That included carrying his couch and desktop out of the room into the playroom, rolling up both rugs, and rearranging what was left in the room to be away from he space where the new desk is to be installed.

Then Critter fixed dinner for all of us, as a way of thanking us for helping. He and I had cheeseburgers, while Tigger had chicken nuggets. I had baby carrots and apples with mine. After dinner, while I was reading email and LJ, Critter slipped upstairs and cleared off his homework desk. So I helped him carry it downstairs. I vacuumed the space in the family room between the TV and the backstairs, and Critter arranged the 8500, scanner, and amplifier on the desk. The speakers are further into the room now, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

We've accumulated all manner of non-working tech gear in the house right now, and I need to get on the phone and find suitable ways to dispose of it all. The monitor for the 8500 doesn't work; the old Sony console doesn't work (and is holding up the TV that Knight & Ro have generously loaned us); and the old playroom TVCR doesn't work. My first idea is to call the local votech schools and see if any of them are interested. Meanwhile, I don't have the 8500 plugged in, since it doesn't have a working monitor.

Now I've got to finish up the roster for the next chess tournament and wash dishes before going to bed.

By the time I go to bed, I'll still be caught up on mail, dishes, papers and coupons, so that just leaves laundry to fold tomorrow, and a new round of paper, coupons and dishes. Plus, I made some progress today on cleaning the house and getting it ready for Christmas, and even put up a Christmas tree.

So, a productive day for me.

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