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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Weather Update
It's snowing.

The day after Thanksgiving is one my favorite days for snow. I don't think we're anticipating any accumulation, though.

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I kinda miss snow, until I think about driving on it on the mountain roads. Then I'm just *fine* without it!

I'm very glad you're enjoying it, though :)

love you!

There's still green grass showing, so I'm not sure this really counts. I got chilled sitting in the dining room earlier, though, so that pushed me wash the dishes (and warm up my hands).

We haven't had accumulation either (other than dusting on cars that are sitting), but when we left Meijer this evening (to get a $45 potty chair--after all, the potty chair is the only thing we went into get, even if more stuff made it into the cart), there was lots of big, fluffy, pretty snow falling down. :)

Um, weird time-stamp?

Looks like we're getting the last of the snow headed our way for now.

That is weird. No idea why that happened.

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