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Thanksgiving - The Feast and the Sales

The Feast

Yesterday was a mad rush, followed by a very enjoyable family social time, rounded out by an early night to bed.

Mad Rush

I had trouble getting to sleep Wednesday night and slept in a bit Thursday morning. Once I was up, I had about 3 hours to:
  • Help Tigger made a footwarmer school project; he wanted to bring it to show off at Thanksgiving.
  • Fix breakfast for TIgger, Critter and I; Flar chose the one meal approach to the day
  • Assemble and bake the mincemeat pie; I made egg-washed, leaf-shaped cutouts for venting the top crust.
  • Bake the Sweet Potato casseroles.
  • Shower and dress
  • Look up the Citibank balance for Flar; it's his back-up card for business trips.
  • Go over baskets of stuff that Flar had for me.
  • Pack both cars and leave

Tigger's footwarmer turned out very nice, and we only left the house 7 minutes late, with all the food packaged up for travel.

Family Social

Brody's house always puts ours to shame when it comes to neatness as well as cleanliness. Only the playroom shows any mess, and that's toy-strewn -- which I really just don't see as "real mess." C had fixed a turkey breast to go with the deep-fried turkey from Popeye's, as she was concerned about how spicy that would be. All the food was yummy, and Brody even had a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. With 7 adults partaking, I got to drink just enough for flavor, but not even to trigger a migraine. yay!

After dinner, Flar had to leave for the Louisville airport (thus, two cars). He left us his phone so that we could use it to coordinate shopping, and I'm to put it in his car when I'm in Louisville. He called and left a message on the home phone telling me where he parked the car.

I helped parcel out and package up the leftovers, then Brody's MIL helped C (I really need to find a nick for her), with clean-up. By the time they were down, there was a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece on the dining room table that hadn't been there while it was piled with food. :) Meanwhile, I was scooping family pictures off of their harddrive to take home on a CD. Some of Tigger's Christmas Crafts involve pictures, you see. One of my gifts to them is going to be a CD filled with pictures of our side of the family from the last year. I'm making copies for Brody, Bébé and my parents.

Critter was a helpful carrier of large, heavy boxes, and Tigger played with the kids until we insisted it was time to go. We left around 7:30.

Early to bed

Once we were home, and the car was unloaded, Critter went on to bed. Tigger stayed up long enough to plot Michael's shopping with me, then went to bed himself. i stayed up long enough for a phone call with Wolf, and then went to bed to read before sleep.

The Sales

This article claims that the tryptophan in turkey doesn't really make you sleepy. Whatever the cause, I've decided that the post Thanksgiving Day Feast sleepiness is quite helpful for preparing for Post Thanksgiving Day Sales Shopping.

My radio cut on at 4am. Darned if Dave Ramsey wasn't still playing - I tripped the radio on when I was adjusting the alarm time last night, and listened to Dave Ramsey brought I went to sleep. Good psychological conditioning before a big shopping day. ;)

I got up at 4:30, dressed, then lay down and considered how I wanted to go about waking the boys. Critter then knocked on my door, and let me know that Tigger was downstairs, but snoozing. So much for worrying about that. I have pod children.

I fixed breakfast for all of us while Critter was feeding the dogs and determining that the paper hadn't come yet. Then we set out, armed with water, the Michael's ad and shopping lists. Traffic was as expected for the day after Thanksgiving: heavier than normal 6am traffic, but relatively light. Except for the parking lot that is home to Best Buy and Toys R Us. And the roads feeding into it.

I had no delays getting to CompUSA to drop off Critter, where the line was only as far back as Leather Inc. He didn't take his umbrella, since the line in the covered walkway. Cars were backed up on the road leading out of that center, but only in the direction leading to Best Buy/Toys R Us. I was able to turn left in one light cycle, to drive to Michael's.

Tigger and I got most of our craft shopping done by the time Critter called for pick-up. We used the 6am-8am coupon on an $8 assortment of foam shapes, and asked them to bag up the rest and hold for us. Then we went to get Critter and came back, stopping for all of two traffic signals. We had some time to kill, so I bought stopped at McDonald's for breakfast: round two, and then read the Thursday paper in the Michael's parking lot.

We had been keeping track of expenses during the first trip (mostly to identify the highest ticket item for the 50% coupon), and finalized our budget, which left room for a few more things. Michael's coupons are like crack. Five coupons today, and two tomorrow: 50% off one reg. priced item good 6am-8am, then 40% off one reg. priced item good 8am-10am, then three levels of $ off min. purchase everything in the store coupons good 10am-10pm. And two more like those for tomorrow.

Which meant that we needed to stay until 10am to take full advantage of the coupons, which meant we bought a bit more than I'd been planning. But the discounting was sweet. And, until 10am, they were signing 40% coupons at the door, to validate them for use after 10am. So that simplied checkout.

Now we are home, and Critter has successfully installed the new memory and graphics card that he bought for Tigger's computer -- the one with the better processor. They've made an agreement about Critter using Tigger's computer to play Invisible War, which requires the new graphics card, and probably benefits from the new memory.

The house is a mess, but I have no definite plans for the rest of the day, so I'll probably alternate between catching up on cleaning and reading my Michael Crichton novel.

The Thanksgiving

I'm thankful God saw fit to bless me with such wonderful children, and the time to be able to spend with them.

I'm thankful that Flar was able to get money in this week, enabling us to pay bills, and freeing him up to spend a week in Brazil with Gaucha.

I'm thankful that I am loved by Wolf and Sydb, and that I will be able to see them on Sunday.

I'm thankful that I am starting to see daylight through the tunnel of paperwork that I had let overwhelm me for so long.

I'm thankful for breathing space this weekend.

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