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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Laundry Day / Turkey Eve
The boys don't have school today, but I got out of bed a little after 7. I had trouble falling asleep last night, in part thinking about my list of things to do today.

But first, an update on where I am.

Monday we made the "longest due" mortgage payment and deposited some funds. I:
  • whittled away at the accounts payable
  • washed lots of dishes
  • washed the blankets that came out of cleaning the family room on Sunday
  • picked up the boys
  • made snowflakes for the school tree at the Horse Park
  • worked until 11:30pm

Yesterday, I:

  • bowled (well)
  • bought Flar's Christmas present
  • got my allergy shot
  • bought cheese for Cinder
  • wrapped Cinder's present
  • found a nifty web site (iShip)
  • shipped Cinder her cheese and her present
  • bought Christmas stamps
  • made dinner
  • re-washed the comforter - Dizzy curled up in the laundry basket with muddy feet
  • read to the boys
  • took a bubble bath
  • talked to Wolf

And now, the list that was keeping me awake last night:

  • Laundry
  • Print a dozen checks
  • Take Tigger to R's house for a playdate
  • Deposit money
  • Make a payment on the second mortgage
  • Deposit a check from the equity line
  • Mail checks
  • Call around looking for sheet copper
  • Buy sheet copper for a school project for Tigger
  • Start lists for Christmas shopping and crafts
  • Prepare sweet potato casseroles, cranberry fluff and mincemeat pie
  • Pick up Tigger
  • Take Tigger to work with me (if he's still interested)

List done.

Going to eat breakfast and start the laundry, then come back here to print checks.

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It's super Deb! Able to mow through errands in a single bound!!!

Now, you need to start wearing a cape :)

I have multiple capes. Tigger was singing the praises of "errand girl" earlier today.

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