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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Flar just got a check from his deadbeat er, struggling start-up client. And there should be more later this week.


I've washed all the family room blankets, and dried the comforter.

I've eaten breakfast and lunch.

I've cleared a small number of piles off of the table, and paid the phone bill by phone.

I'm leaving in ten minutes (or as soon as Flar gets here to pick up the mortgage payment coupon and personal check, so he can take care of all the bank stuff in one trip), to get gas and dog food before I pick up the boys.

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deadbeats can bring joy, just waaay too late!

Have you had the chance to scope out cheesy goodness yet?

love you!

Nope, but I'm going to the grocery and Sam's tomorrow. If Kroger doesn't carry it, I'll go to WalMart. What's my budget?

Somewhere between $30 and $40 (including shipping) More, if you think it's cold enough for Reame's frozen egg noodles to survive the trip - you *can't* get good noodles out here,and I think I'm getting a cold! {pout}
And I am a stupid git, and deleted the post with the appropriate PayPal e-mail to use - is your 'normal' one set up as an alternate?

I'm not that sophisticated with Paypal; it just knows about my earthink.net account.

So, I'm looking for Mikesell's sharp cheddar cheese dip and Reame's frozen egg noodles. Can do.

I'll email you pricing information after I shop and ship.

*love you*

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