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Long, tiring weekend

Oof. neglect the computer for two days, and come back to 325 messages to download. From one of my email addresses. It's mostly spam, but I usually check my mail more frequently than this.

When last we left our intrepid housewife, she was closing down shop to get not nearly enough sleep before an in-town chess tournament.

Winburn never runs efficiently. No coach's sheets, overheated & noisy gym, long waits for pairing and trophy ceremonies. Arrived at 8am, left at 5:30pm.

Essgie stuck with her daughter's team and was very civil whenever we met in hallways -- no sign of rancor or ill-feeling. So, maybe it really is "problem solved," and no need to worry about it. We had a brief conversation about missing her daughter the afternoon before, and she said something about Stonewall's team meeting on the same day and two meetings being too much for her, etc. Sounds like she'll be sticking with Stonewall now.

MrCoach got the custodian to open a classroom for us, so we didn't have to endure the noise and heat in the gym. We missed two pairing calls by about 5 minutes apiece, but otherwise it was a great space situation.

Middling news on the next tournament. Looks like we have 2 yes, 2 maybe; I need to do calling for that tomorrow. Both Tigger and Critter have conflicts, and Flar may be in Brazil. That'll be interesting.

The primary and middle school teams each earned 5th place Team awards, and one of our middle schoolers won an under 900 rated trophy.

One bad spot was finding out that there was a recording error in round three that a 2nd grade player didn't spot -- and that we didn't know about until it was too late to do anything. Very emotionally draining, trying to explain to a 7 year old that his three wins would only be counted as two, and that there was nothing we could do about it. MrCoach suggested, and Bride and I readily agreed, that J be allowed to keep the team trophy that he was going to be carrying home. Usually, we select one of the team members to take the trophy home, and return it to school at the next chess club meeting. J was the obvious choice, and there really seemed no reason not to let him keep it -- since he would have earned an individual trophy, if not for the recording error. A very hard lesson learned -- the kids are the ones who have to watch the recorders write down the scores as they report them.

The tournament was also made difficult by three cancellations. I was expecting Geste to cancel -- he was hoping for rain to cancel his field hockey, but it was a gorgeous day. I don't remember being told that the new player would be leaving the tournament before it was over. grump. And this is the first tournament of the season in which Tigger wasn't finished with round 5 by 2:30. They hadn't even paired round 5 by then, and he needed to leave to go to the dentist. Turns out the appointment was really just to check the health of his tooth, which if I'd understood that, I'd have tried for a Monday appt. Sigh. On the bright side, his tooth is currently quite healthy, but the dentist say wait a full six months before putting a crown on the tooth. Or, a more permanent patch, which may not be an actual crown -- something to do with the possibility of his teeth growing out further or something.

We didn't leave the tournament until after 5:30, and we got there before 8, so it was a long day.

Critter went home with a friend for a sleepover, and Tigger was sad about not having anyone to play with. So, after a dinner of heat-your-own leftovers, and brownies leftover from the night before, I climbed the stairs with him to look into signing him up for this online game he's been saving up for, for the last three months., in case anyone's interested. We agreed that he had enough to pay me the monthly fee, until such a time as he could be paid for in advance via Christmas money. Then we hit the snag of trying to remember his password, which he hadn't used since the three day trial at the beginning of September. Critter was already at a movie with his friend, so there was no response trying to call the house. We tried the "forgot password" button, but the account wasn't connected to any of Critter's, Tigger's or my Iglou accounts. Critter eventually called back, and told me how to check mail from his msn hotmail account. We found the password, signed him up on the monthly plan, and changed the password to one we can remember.

We forgot to record the 30 minute "commercial free" 10-episode marathon of Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and I made the mistake of opening the mail when I got downstairs.

So, little sleep, long day, wrung out emotionally by crying 2nd grader, by trying to hack a password (that turned out to be asdfgh - why didn't I think of *that* ?), and by discovering that a credit card whose payment was late had had the credit limit lowered to the amount of the balance, had me a complete emotional basket case by 9:30.

Wolf called. He was freed up from a church service dinner, and called me, even before he got a chance to do relaxed talking with Sydb, bless him. And what he got was a blubbering mess that started out merely hiccupy and degenerated into a littany of how horrible my day way, and sobs.

Then I drew a bath, and Flar came to check on me - his call with Gaucha being over - and then I got all sobby again, and he brought me chocolate (the rest of the brownies) and water and soda and reassured me that everything would work out, and that we'd sit down together tomorrow and figure it out.

Before we were down talking, I gave up on the bath, because I couldn't get comfortable, oh, did I mention that I started my period yesterday? And lay in bed to dry off and discovered that I'd no energy left for leaving the bed. I finished the evening out by reading yesterday's paper, and reading Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen.


This morning I woke up feeling sick -- headachy, allergic congestion, queasy tummy. Flar brought me Excedrin; I drank water, ate the last two brownies (if chocolate therapy helps, I've had enough of it), and read the Sunday paper after finishing Basket Case.

I got out of bed - headache-free, but now very hungry - and fixed a cheese omelette to go with the pizza rolls that Flar was fixing to share with me. Then we took Tigger to see a movie. We left the house intending to see Cat in the Hat but Tigger wanted to see the Looney Tunes movie, and we got there in time for it, so we saw that. It was a great movie. Very true to the Looney Tunes traditions of humor, and so much fun. Laughter is healing.

When we got home, Flar helped with the bills. For the first part, he cleaned the dining room table to make it a worktable. I think he even swept the floor out here. Then he brought his laptop in here to keep me company while I worked. He also made dinner, which formed a rest period in the middle of the bills work. And he wrangled the boys into cleaning the family room. It's "ready to vaccuum" clean right now.

I had about five biggish piles to go through. The first was mostly "things ready to file" but there was some information hiding in that pile that hadn't been properly recorded, so I'm glad that I went through it. Then I sorted the rest of the piles into "not a bill," "auto-paid bill," and "bill-to-pay" piles. Then I verified the amounts in the checkbook balance for the "auto-paid bills" and built a pile of "account statements to reconcile" for the credit cards that can be done later. After that, I sorted the "bill-to-pay" pile by creditor. Some of those piles were three months deep, some of the bills had been paid, some not, etc. At that point, Flar stepped in. He took each of those piles to get a "current payment due" for his action plan, and folded old statements inside the newest versions, for me to update quicken. Meanwhile, I pulled deposit receipts and ATM slips out of the "not a bill" pile, and balanced the checkbook register with two bank statements.

Then I went into the family room with Critter and Tigger and the dogs, and read Oz to them.

Then Wolf called, and we got to talk until he drove out of cell coverage.

Then Flar sat down and talked to me about our finances. He told me about what's coming up in terms of expected income, and what kind of resources we have for paying school tuition, and on the whole, even though things are really bad right now, I think he's convinced me that it really is going to get better. Maybe even soon.

We also talked about schedule, and assuming that he gets the check he's expecting tomorrow, we decided that the best time for him to go to Brazil is right after Thanksgiving.

Now I get time online, which means writing this update, and then reading LJ and email.

Tomorrow, I'll continue tackling the bills, which seem less intimating all broken into pieces, and wash blankets from the family room while I'm working. The goal is to be able to cut a whole bunch of checks before I go to work tomorrow night, if Flar comes home with a big fat check to spend.

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