Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Friday summary

Tired and depressed with a tournament in the morning. I was really going to go to bed earlier than this, really I was.

Essgie did not show up at chess club today. Apparently I scared her off by telling her how I felt about her behavior last weekend. She responded to that letter I sent by suggesting that we talk about the tournament with MrCoach after chess club. I already get home with the boys quite late - there's no way I could have handled that tonight.

So I called her up. In trying to explain why (1) I felt it was necessary to get together with her and (2) why I wanted it to be one-on-one, I had to tell her that she rubbed me the wrong way. That I was feeling challenged, if not attacked last weekend, and that we needed to work things out for me to be comfortable working with her in chess club.

She has apparently chosen not to continue associating with us. She's not a TLS mom, so I suppose I should agree with Berry and Coach that it's "a problem solved." I would have preferred finding a way to be friends with this woman. I hate feeling that I somehow allienated her, that I could have handled it differently. Oh well. Coach says I just refused to be walked on, so I suppose that's good.

All set for the tournament at Winburn tomorrow, and have an okay from the organizer of the Oldham County tournament to send an email entry and bring payment on day-of-tournament. Need to find out who's in charge of the January tournament before it's too late to get organized on our end. There's still no info on the calendar.

Found out the dates for Quads and State: 2/14 and 3/13. The 14th is the Saturday at the end of mid-winter break, which is bad for getting a team together. Lots of families travel on break. The 14th is also the day that Cinder and Surlyone are celebrating their marriage. Knight's determined to get me out there. I may be handing this tournament over to Bride and MrCoach. By then, they should be able to handle it. I hope.

Yeah, so today was chess day.

Like I'm really anxious to write about being lonely, sad, anxious and having trouble building and maintaining my everyday walls.

I never did write about saving the worm. You know how hard it is, to save a worm the girlie-girl way? I don't pick up worms unless I'm wearing garden gloves. I managed to dangle this worm from a stick long enough to throw it into the ivy where it would do some good. I found it on the garage floor, destined to die a slow and arid death as the rain waters receded.

Question: when Bush was in England, they let off a 41 gun salute for him. Why 41? He's the 43rd president. He's definitely older than 41. So, what's the significance of 41?

And from the paper this week:

If you're going to kill your wife, don't make a rap video about it.

There was a great article about filthy microwave ovens at work, but I can't find a link to it online.

And, food for thought. I was stuck by the phrase "make up for something that is missing" in a news or feature article. I don't remember the context, because this jumped out at me of its own. Recently, there was discussion about makeup on Sydb's journal. Differing attitudes toward wearing it, and differing concepts of beauty, etc. So it just sort of struck me, to see "make up" in this other context, and I stopped to think about how we came to call facial cosmetics "makeup" in the first place. It would seem there was a feeling of something missing, that the cosmetics made up for? Anyway, just something to think about...

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