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My weekend, just the facts, ma'am

I should cut the whole earlier post and put it behind a warning, females be here, sign.

Saturday was a chess tournament in Richmond, with attendent political intrigue and stress. Tigger won 3rd place under 600 rated division. (In the last tournament, he won 7th place overall; this tournament had harder competition.)

After chess tournament, de-stressing vegetation. Watched movies, ate dinner that Flar cooked, and drank frozen alcoholic beverage that Flar blended for me. Went to bed by 10:30.

This morning I slept in and then read in bed until noon. My current book is erotica, so I was appropriate situated for reading.

I fixed Critter and I spam and chili and cheese omelettes, and Tigger a fried spam sandwich. Then spent an hour on the phone talking chessclub politics. Then went out.

Returned the last DVD of last weekend's male bonding DVD blowout. Flar rented three DVDs with the boys, and then kept them around for me to watch.

Took Critter Geste's house, where he worked with Geste's mom, Ooh, thought of a name for her - Berry. Anyway, Critter is teaching Berry how to use her digital camcorder and the move editing software on her Mac. He got home after 9pm tonight.

Wasted another hour of my life, picking out, trying on, and failing to buy two pair of jeans: one blue, one black.

Watched Angel and Survivor with Ro and Knight.

Came home and watched more movies.

Scanned email, caught up on LJ, and now I'm going to bed.

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