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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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The end of a lazy day
It's really a shame to shut down and go to sleep -- Flood is on my lap, dreaming of chasing foxes (or maybe of being dominated by Ouchy and Dizzy). I just know she'll wake up and cry when I put her back in her crate to sleep.

We had a nice lazy end to the day. I made omelets for dinner, except for Tigger, who gamely tried a white omelet, and Flar, who fixed himself a big salad. It seems that Tigger only likes egg whites, and only from boiled eggs. I was hoping that he's like a white omelet since it didn't have the yolk, but apparently frying makes a difference, too. Critter wolfed down his ham and cheese omelet, however, and I enjoyed mine.

We ate in front of the TV, watching Rat Race together. Neither Flar nor I had seen it. Knightaudit and my mom took the boys to see it -- I think maybe we were in New Orleans at the time. I really enjoyed it.

And then I sat down to create a new live journal picture, but my eyes started crossing when I got to the point of selecting a new frame for my web page. Later this week, I guess.

Flood appears to be developing spots. Maybe she has some Jack Russel or Dalmation in her. Everyone who's had Beagle pups says she doesn't have beagle looks. I guess I keep being optimistic about her eventual size...

Ah well, time to turn in, since she's not going to let me sleep any later tomorrow morning than this...