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Thursday and Friday

Were busy.


I bowled in the morning. Representing my whole team, as Prez was away. I won the first game for us by 40 points, but then lost the next by 30. Unfortunately, I played the third game more like the second, so we only took one point. I made my average by 2 points in the first game. Nuff said.

Picked up the chess tournament equipment without getting blocked in by half-day carline.

Opman called me while I was dropping off dry cleaning, to ask me to work.

I had enough to keep me occupied for 5.5 hours of work plus dinnerbreak, which left me home early enough to send an email about a late entry to the tournament.


School was only session for a half-day today. Critter went home with Geste, whose mom wants help with computer and AV stuff. Tigger came home and watched TV/played video games the rest of the day.

I inflicted order on the kitchen table today. Half of the piles on the table relate to bills. The rest are things to put away or things to deal with that aren't bills. There's still bunches of mail to open, and then integrate what came from the kitchen table with what's hiding lurking in the dining room. Baby steps.

One last late entry for the tournament tonight, after I'd finished printing out the sheets I bring with me. Sigh.

Flar made glazed chicken for dinner tonight. Dishes will make an ideal bills-avoidance excuse on Sunday. These are related - Flar makes the chicken in a pan that doesn't fit in the dishwasher.

Found out that Gerrold added a new book to the Chtorr series in 1993. From the description, it doesn't sound like it wraps it up. Might have to put it on my Amazon wishlist, though.

Finished Carter Beats the Devil yesterday. And started a book that really has me wanting to go to bed. Yes, that kind of book, by Cecelia Tan, no less.

Feeling blah, overall, though. Mostly money anxiety and poor time management avoidance catching up with me.

Night all

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