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Communicable Diseases letter

Strep is at school again, and Tigger came home with the communicable diseases form letter. I'm not worried about him catching it - he won't even drink after his own family members, so I can't imagine him doing anything at school that would expose him to what's going around.

But I'm posting the information for each of the diseases, to have it here in a handy place. Thanks, Wolf, for helping me with the formatting. :)

Disease Symptoms
  Treatment Return to School Incubation Period
Pink Eye
Tearing, pain, redness of the eyes with yellow discharge and sometimes eyelids will swell. Often eyelashes will be matted, or stuck together on awakening. Conjunctivitis is often bacterial and highly contagious.
  Prescription antibiotic eye medication After completion of 24 hour dosing schedule  
Chicken Pox
Multiple red areas, generally starting on the back and trunk, that develop into watery blisters and later form crusts. The pox will arrive and crust over at varying rates. Fever and flu-like symptoms may also occur.
  Physician may prescribe medication to relieve itching and vomiting. Fever-free for 24 hours before start of the school day and all sores are dry 10 - 14 days
Normally runs its course in 6 days
Strep Throat
Fever, sore throat, foul breath, enlarged glands in the neck and sometimes headaches. Strep throat can also involve Scarlet Fever, characterized by a fine, red, rough rash that appears most often on the neck and chest.
  Prescription antibiotics After completion of 24 hour dosing schedule, and 24 hours fever-free before start of the school day 2 - 5 days
Fifth's Disease
Human Parvovirus B-19
Fine "lacy" rash on the extremities and flushed "slapped cheeks." Symptoms are transient and will last for several weeks. Children rarely feel sick and are only contagious prior to symptoms, so there is no reason to exclude students from attending school. However, this disease can be harmful to developing fetuses and so pregnant women who may have been in contact with your child should be notified.
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Coxsackie A Virus
Low-grade fever, small ulcers in the mouth, watery blisters to palms of hands, soles of feet and sometimes buttocks.
  (none listed in letter) Fever-free for 24 hours before start of the school day 3 - 6 days

And then I found a more comprehensive, but not quite so pretty, table here.


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