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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My day, so far.
The team from Countryside is here to install the new pump. I let the dogs in while she was getting the hose. They made a bee-line to the pantry, where the second mouse this season has been stopped by a glue board. Got the mouse and board away from Flood, who'd managed to get the board stuck on her foot, momentarily. The mouse has been interred in the outside trash.

Critter requested a "rounded rectangle" shaped cake. So I stopped by Sweet Creations on the way home for a cake board, and made his cake out of one 8" round pan and one 8" square pan. Strawberry cake (the kind from a box, not the kind with carrots and fresh strawberries in it), and vanilla frosting with cream cheese frosting lettering.

I've got the meat thawing for pineapple meatloaves, Critter's preferred dinner. He's got a special request for the shape of his serving (I usually make "sailboats" out of the individual, capsule shaped loaves).

I made strawberry, banana & blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. Critter liked them, but Tigger didn't get past the obligatory bite-for-taste.

I'm caught up on newspapers, will clip & sort coupons in carline, and sort laundry tonight, to get a start on it for tomorrow. There's a full dishpan collected for me, and about a half-week of mail. So, middling on the catching up, and we're not going to discuss whether I'm unpacked yet. I'll do that as part of sorting laundry, most likely.

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Happy Birthday to Critter!

That cake sounds delicious!

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