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What a nice day, so far.

Last night on the way home from Louisville, we picked up a couple of dozen Krispy Kremes. We had stayed late at Thomp, so by the time we got home, the kids had crashed. Flar and I took care of the dogs, then I was ready to crash.

This morning Flood woke me around 6 and then again at 7, at which point I figured that she'd waited long enough for breakfast. I fed her and walked her and played with her. Then held her and read email and live journal as she nodded off in my lap.

Of course, as soon as I put her back in her crate she started complaining about being lonely, but I resolutely ignored her, as I loaded up a tray with a plateful of donuts, two glasses of milk, and the Sunday paper. Then I woke up Flar for breakfast and Sunday paper in bed.

Eventually Critter came downstairs. He delivered yesterday's mail to us, then found a thermometer. His temperature was only 99.8, and he had a mild headache. We decided his body seemed to be fighting off whatever he's got well enough without chemical aid.

After finishing off the paper, I got up to dye Easter eggs and decorate the bunny cake with the boys. By then, Timothy was awake and the boys walked the Scotties. We rescued Flood from her solitary confinement, and the dogs got to hang out all morning with us in the kitchen. The scotties spent a lot of time ganging up on Flood, playing dominance games. She's holding her own though, and they don't hurt her. I expect that as she gets bigger, they'll back off some.

Dying eggs was fun. Of the 12 jumbo eggs we bought for dying, 1 didn't make it home intact, and 7 more didn't survive boiling. I generally don't have any difficulty with cracked shells when I boil brown eggs. I don't know if the problem was the size or the color, but these eggs seemed more fragile.

We dyed four eggs - one for each member of the family, then I made deviled eggs out of the rest. They made a nice addition to the Easter dinner that Barbar fixed for us later.

This year I tried a new bunny cake -- the one illustrated on a box of Easter Confetti Cake. I actually made strawberry cake, but remembered the design, since it's so simple. One circle makes the face, another provides two ears and a bowtie.

Decorating it was fun. I love 7 minute frosting - I have a huge sweet tooth. What was amazing was that Flood slept through the whole time I was running the mixer. Combined with the noise of Ouchy barking at the mixer.

I took some leftover pink cream cheese mints from the shower, rolled them back up and formed them into two inside-ear parts, then frosted the whole cake with the 7 minute frosting, leaving the pink parts of the ears uncovered. Then I pressed coconut into the face and ears for fur, and colored the bowtie with orange and green glitter. Orange jelly beans for the eyes, and a chocolate heart for the nose. It turned out pretty neat.

While I was working on the deviled eggs and cake, I had the boys get out the Easter box, and assemble plastic eggs. After they'd each filled their baskets, I had them fill their eggs. I'd bought m&m's and jelly beans and we had some leftover valentine candy. They also used twizzlers and trail mix and pretzels and cheese, on their own initiative.

They walked the scotties and fed and walked Flood and then it was time to go over to Barbar and Bebes'. While we were helping to finish getting dinner onto the table, the boys hid each other's eggs in separate rooms. Dinner was yummy: turkey breast (not overcooked - it was still juicy), dressing, gravy (which actual bits of turkey in it), applesauce, fresh bread, pineapple slice jello and the devilled eggs that we'd brought.

After dinner, we watched the boys hunt for Easter eggs, a room at a time. Then Barbar and Bebe gave them Easter presents: marbles and a yoyo. Barbar and I finally got Tigger to pick a summer camp (Artkids), and gave us a check for registering Critter for Aviation camp. By then, it was time to come home and feed the dogs again.

The rest of the day gets to be more lazy family time.

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