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It's chilly in the house this morning.

The heating guys have been out here twice this week.

Once, deciding that no, it wasn't dead possum, it was a gas leak, but a small one - a seal around a valve, and fixed it. While they were here, they also found a faulty float valve in the humidifier needed replacing, and ordered it.

The second time, yesterday, to replace the faulty float valve in the humidifier.

This morning, it's 61 degrees in the family room. Theory is, R turned off something while he was working, and forgot to turn it back on. Brr. He's supposed to come back today and fix it.

I've read the paper, except for the comics, and I've been waiting to get past cold to hungry enough for breakfast. Might warm up by washing dishes. Mmm. hot water. The laundry is done, except for sorting clean stuff into Baskets of Responsibility. Which leaves me the rest of the day to prepare for chess club and work on mail and bills.

Haven't gotten to talk to Wolf today -- that's the only drawback (in my mind) to Sydb getting the car for the day; I'm hoping he'll be free for a phone call at lunch, though.

Took the 80s song test, but I've never heard of the song it chose, and the only song I recognize (Sweet Dreams) doesn't really fit me.

I worked three whole days this week! Woot! Last night I left at midnight, after milking my assignments for as long as they'd reasonable last, said milking being doing the image processing on the queue after I'd finishing double-keying. It takes up computer cycles, but no people cycles. The first bit I did during dinner break, but the last bit I did before clocking out. On the other hand, I don't take particular long breaks, and I'm considered to be the most productive indexer, so I can afford some slack.

Yesterday I bowled in the morning, then caught up on email in the afternoon. I should have worked on chess club stuff, but it slipped my mind until I was leaving for work. D'oh!

Critter's birthday is on Tuesday. We're planning to go to Yamamoto's for dinner on Saturday to celebrate. Then I'm scampering off to Louisville to spend time with Wolf and Sydb. I get to stay through Monday. Woot!

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