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Quiet house.

I liked my house quiet better when Canuckgirl was sitting across the table from me while I cut spinach into strips. This quiet is an "everyone's gone" quiet.

Canuckgirl arrived safely at the airport exactly one hour before her flight time, and we had chaste (for us) but scandalous (for Lexington, but then maybe not - Lex being the gay capitol of KY) good bye kisses, and then she was gone again.

Wolf and Sydb drove home to pick up Roo and go to church, leaving the house at the same time Canuckgirl and I left.

I called Wolf on my way home from the airport, with absolutely no good excuse to talk. I even called Flar and gleaned as much chatter from him as I could, talking about possible plans for today and tomorrow. Today has been officially named a vegging out day.

Thought about calling Knight (it's our anniversary today) but hoped he would already be asleep. Thought about calling Mom but decided she would already be at church. Thought about calling Turnip, but it would have been 6am for him. Drove home in silence. Thinking about how much I prefer to be "with" someone, either physically, or at least via communication of some sort.

At home, I made breakfast for Critter, and finished reading the paper. Now I'm reading email, then I'll turn to LJ. I'm thinking about bathing. Deliberate vegging of high-order.

In email, Amazon is encouraging me to update my wishlist. I'd like to hope that the diet book on their list of suggestions is being recommeded to everyone. I really don't think that anything already on my Amazon list, or in my buying history indicates that I'm 25 pounds past "mildly overweight."

Turns out my wishlist is current, in that I haven't bought or received anything on it. But it's also relatively short, and mostly filled with an out-of-print series that I'd like to find and re-read.
Maybe I'll surf Amazon later.

This morning came much too quickly on the heels of last night. Fortunately, Wolf and Sydb are of the same, slow-to-rise, multiple snooze, school of waking as me. We planned in enough time so that we could still shower, leaving the shower free for Canuckgirl, with enough time for us all to have breakfast, and then leave on time.

I've decided that my waking headache was lack of sleep, not the one drink I had last night. But I agree with Sydb that I should drink more water.

There are tons of dishes, but I'm content to let Critter catch the dishwasher up first.

I've the Sunday paper to read, mail to open, and coupons to clip and sort. Damn. I gave Sydb the magazine I had for her, but not the coupons. Ah well.

Flar says I can go to Louisville next weekend. Woot!

Oh, and have I mentioned my body hates me? Thinking of the bath to bribe it back into happy coexistence. I started my period on Monday. If you call that kind of discharge that's too icky to forgo pads or tampons a period. Monday night a cold sore popped out on my lip. Thursday morning Niagara falls arrives. So I spent the weekend feeling self-conscious about having parts of my body out of commision. By this morning, now that everyone's gone, my flow is back to a nasty trickle, and the cold sore is nearly gone. Heavy sigh.

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