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What, Minikin writes polls?

I had a conversation yesterday that stuck in my head. I was talking to a friend about the upcoming election, and asked if she was going to vote for the independent candidate for Attorney General. She likes him, but votest a straight party ticket.

I got to thinking about it, because I've never done that. Okay, so I'm a registered Republican, living in a heavily Democrat state, and I like to vote Libertarian when possible. I know I'm not ordinary. But, even if I didn't want to vote for Libertarian candidates: there are often not Republican candidates for all the offices, so voting the Republican ticket would mean not voting at all in a bunch of races.

So, the mulling around turned into a poll:

Poll #199074 Election Day curiosity

I generally:

Vote a straight party ticket
Vote for candidates individually, always choosing my party when possible
Vote for candidates individually, regardless of party affiliation
Don't vote
Always answer these things in the comments

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