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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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What, Minikin writes polls?
I had a conversation yesterday that stuck in my head. I was talking to a friend about the upcoming election, and asked if she was going to vote for the independent candidate for Attorney General. She likes him, but votest a straight party ticket.

I got to thinking about it, because I've never done that. Okay, so I'm a registered Republican, living in a heavily Democrat state, and I like to vote Libertarian when possible. I know I'm not ordinary. But, even if I didn't want to vote for Libertarian candidates: there are often not Republican candidates for all the offices, so voting the Republican ticket would mean not voting at all in a bunch of races.

So, the mulling around turned into a poll:

Poll #199074 Election Day curiosity

I generally:

Vote a straight party ticket
Vote for candidates individually, always choosing my party when possible
Vote for candidates individually, regardless of party affiliation
Don't vote
Always answer these things in the comments

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I can't answer the poll because none of the answers fit...I don't always answer these things in comments, after all. ;)

I generally vote my party (Democrat), but I've been known to vote on an Independent, or even (gasp) Republican, if I'm aware enough to know that they're a better candidate. Basically, I stick with Democrat unless I don't like the Democrat, at which point I'll vote for a 3rd party candidate, if available, or Republican if I have to (or know in that case the Republican is better).

For President next year, I don't care who the Democrat candidate is, I'm voting for him. I read an article recently addressing the attitude of "Anyone But Bush" and he pointed out that Bush is so bad, those of us who feel that way would vote for a bologna sandwich before voting for Bush again. I HEARTILY agree with that, and am going with the Democrat candidate because I think they have the best chance of getting him out of office.

I'll cop to phrasing the "other, in comments" choice poorly.

But, your answer falls into the "Vote for candidates individually" answers. I would say, from reading your answer, that you fall between "always choosing my party when possible" and "regardless of party."

Can you suggest a way of phrasing that distinction?

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