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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Going to Sleep
Tis so much, I shall sum up:

The play room, my garret, the guest bathroom and the guest room are all clean! (I don't vouch for the other bathroom upstairs, or the stairs and hallway leading to playroom.)

I generated some extra loads of laundry for the week, vis-a-vis linens, but otherwise I've washed all of this weeks' laundry, and I've folded the towels and my clothes, and sorted the rest into baskets for those repsonsible.

I've renewed the registration for Erosul.com and have initiated a transfer of the Woodstreamconsulting.com registration to GoDaddy.com.

I've made ginger cookie dough, but we didn't have time to roll it out tonight. Which means that Canuckgirl gets to help cut gingerbread men, as well as decorate them. :)

We have pumpkins in the house, ready to carve for Halloween.

We have straw spread on the mud in the back yard, to try to keep that to a minimum.

I'm caught up on Papers, Coupons & Laundry. In the morning, I'll catch up on dishes again, open the mail, and read another paper. If I have time, I'll inflict order on the kitchen table.

But now I need sleep.

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Ok, I've been thinking too much about the Fall dance I'm helping to coordinate at church. When I saw "straw" on your list of things bought earlier, I was thinking "oh cool, she's going to use straw to decorate her house". :P Yes, we are talking about buying a few bales of hay for the dance. ;)

So do you know what is on the menu for Canuckgirl's bday dinner on Saturday? (I'm asking cause I need to know what to plan for as far as dieting concerns). You can email me in private if you don't want Cathy to know. ;)

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