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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Good news, Bad news
Good News
  • I entered a contest for a 13" TVCR a couple of weeks ago, at the car clinic, and today they called to tell me that I'd won!
  • I don't have to work tonight.
  • Canuckgirl is coming in just 3 days!
  • Wolf and Sydb are coming Saturday night, to help celebrate Canuckgirl's birthday!
  • Critter's decided on a costume for Halloween, and it only involves me moving mission patches from his old flight suit to his new one.
Bad News
  • I started my period today, but it's only two days early.
  • The only day I work this week is Thursday.
  • Wolf and Sydb's visit may be trashed by a change in on-call schedule that happened when one of Wolf's co-workers quit.
  • My sewing machine is broken, so I have to sew the patches by hand.
  • I'm still miserably behind on paying bills.

I think on the whole, that the good really out-weighs the bad. We stopped by Carnival today, to replace Tigger's shoes -- the second pair of Sketchers to experience sole separation. Bleh. We bought Nikes this time. And found him a water resistant bungie watch. He was pleased.

Now I'm going to go fix chili-mac for dinner, using Flar's chili, and then start in on Critter's Halloween costume. And then see if I have the motivation to work on bills with my unexpected free time.

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3 days and 8 hours! *cuddle*

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