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ooh the marvels of a modern procrastinator

I ate lunch, then decided to go ahead and shower now, maybe it would perk me up.

Instead it made me dizzy. Stupid ear.

So then I decided to trudge back and forth to the car, emptying it out. There were two reasons - one: I've updated the Rookettes records, and the bag was still still out in the car, for putting things away properly.

I forgot, until I started writing this, that the real excuse for emptying out the car was the stash of receipts in the visor, which I need for working on bookkeeping. The receipts are still in the visor, and I'm back in my comfy chair, because on top of the dizziness, I got hit by a wave of fatigue.

I think my body is going into hypochodriac defense against the stress-inducing activity of looking at all our bills. ;)

There was an insufficiency of email or new LJ entries to rationalize staying in my comfy chair, so I'm getting up, while I had the weird fatigue staved off, and before sleepiness can set in in its wake.

heh, I used the word insufficiency in a sentence about procrastination. Go me.

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