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Feeling discouraged

So, you know how I was saying this was my last week to catch up before work picks up again? I practically slept through my last really good opportunity for catching up. grr. And then worked yesterday, from noon through 10:30pm, with a longish break for picking up the boys from school.

The house is a mess, with little bits of acute mess particularly prodding me. My bedside table is stacked with books I haven't read, and the drawers next to it. I can barely get to my bathroom sink. There is so much paperwork to handle, to even think of getting caught up with bookkeeping, that I keep avoiding it. My usable space on the kitchen table is once again shrunk to barely enough to support a cereal bowl, and I've only gotten the dishes half-way caught up.

And, I'm sitting here typing.

Knight is coming over for a short visit this morning. Maybe I will be more active with him here.

Quote from work last night:

I've got two skinny ones and a fat one left, and then I'm done!

No, I am not a lady of the evening, no matter my working hours, or the seeming connotations of the quote.

I was talking about file folders, thank you very much.
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