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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Moms can't call in sick
Especially if the only symptom is sleeping. I've heard that called laziness, actually. ;)

I just woke up. Again. I haven't even sorted the laundry, much less started any of it. I got out of bed an hour later than usual, read the paper over a breakfast of sausage/cheese/biscuit (with precooked sausage it takes 1 minute to prepare), and then napped in my chair.

Flar is working at my work today. He's filling in for Opman, who has to go to a funeral. There's a new job starting up today, and Ownerguy would like a consistent supervision for the first day. There's also this proposal, written by Flar, at the request of Ownerguy, for Flar to take over Opman's job. So, today would be like the promotional demonstration thingie.

I just dreamed I went back to work, and the dream was bizarre. Sydb was there, and at one point I started working in a separate office. I forgot to clock in. I went into the room where I normally work, looking for something, and there were presents all over my bed. Yes, in my dream, there was a bed where I normally worked. Weird. Two of the presents were the kind of wedding veil that involves a substantial satin headpiece. There were three: pink, purple and grey. Sydb put on the pink one to demonstrate, and I chose the purple one. I thought in the dream that it was Sydb's way of saying that she wanted to plan a full-blown ceremony for us to celebrate our commitment.

I also dreamed that Flar and I were at a resort with Sydb and Wolf and Knight and Ro. And that there was a beverage tap right outside our room, including rain water to drink. But that I could taste the wax in the paper cup I'd chosen to use to dip the rainwater. I was running about naked in the resort, so didn't have my room key on me. Fortunately, the room wasn't empty when I went back.

I also dreamed that Turnip sent me email. Something about difficulty in replying to the email was what woke me up.

I just almost dozed off again, pressing the return key, and thought I'd wiped out this entry. Weird.

Anyway, what I ought to be doing today:
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Mail
  • Rookettes records
  • Chess Club Stuff
  • LJ writing

I'm also still very behind on bookkeeping and bills paying. Since this new job is starting up at work, I'll be back on three days a week starting Monday, and possibly four, if they need more hours from me. Which makes this the last week with lots of opportunity for catchup.

No wonder I'm sleepy. ;)

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One can tell that you are sleepy. You don't sound as bad as a sleepy Hungarian, but you sound VERY sleepy, all the same.

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