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No Snow Today

But no school, either.

I had just gotten up, sorted laundry, turned on the griddle and started a load of towels, when the phone rang. Someone broke into TLS last night, sprayed a bunch of fire extingushers around, and scattered papers. Classes are cancelled today while they clean up the school.

In honor of the day, I changed from my comfy robe into my even comfier fleece blanket sleeper. And in light of the current activities at school, I got the boys to put in a good solid cleaning job on the family room. They worked together to tidy it, then Tigger deep-dusted it (by that, I mean he got all the knick-knacks dusted off in the cabinet and on the mantel, as well as hitting the regular furniture tops). Now Critter is cleaning the coffee table, and then he'll vacuum.

I've caught up on the dishes (there was one container), read the paper, started four loads of laundry, folded and put away the towels. I made chicken rolls stuffed with cheddar, mozzarella, brie, apples & cranberries (heated frozen-prepared ones from Sam's) and french fries for lunch.

Then with Knight's supervision, I vivisected a film reader (it still works all taken apart, but the card release is terminal), and he took some pictures for me. I've uploaded some pictures to Iglou and griped to Earthlink about not being able to FTP to my space there.

This is my Stay Home All Day Ensemble.

This is me, chilling out while caught up with house stuff.

And this is my desk and chair when they're actually all clean. The desk was a birthday present from Knight, and the candle on the desk was a present from Ro.

I got thrown into Opman's voicemail when I called, so I don't know if I'm working tomorrow night.
Update: He just returned my call, and I'm working tomorrow night.

I'm planning to spend the rest of the evening finishing up the laundry and making:
  • enchiladas for dinner
  • cookies for fall festival
  • a registration form and blank database for Chess Club
I'd love to discover that I have time to work on bookkeeping or the kitchen/jacuzzi/laundry room floors.

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