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I always wondered about those alarm clocks that turn on a light.

I have a touch-lamp, that is occasionally sensitive to changes in the ambient room static electricity. Last night it rained and rained, and this morning there was lightning in our area. Everytime the light came on, I could hear thunder a few seconds later.

It's official, light *can* wake me up. At least, if it's close to time for me to awake. It was around 4am.

I didn't get as much accomplished last night as I would have liked. Played Groo with the kids, then got absorbed in PocketBo. And then a phone call.

So this morning I'm trying to get a bit of bills-paying done before leaving for the bowling alley.

Other loose ends. One of the kids at the sleepover left clothes and his Gameboy Advance. I'll be returning them this morning, since I bowl with his mother.

Flood officially doesn't like the rain. She stood there miserable, refusing to do anything. And she really doesn't like the natural consequence: being put directly back in her crate, so that she won't mess in the house. She sounds pitiful.

But on the upside, my walking-the-dog-in-the-rain outfit made me smile. My fuzzy purple robe. Slip on shoes. My burberry trenchcoat and paddington bear hat. If it weren't for Flood trying to stay out of the rain by hiding inside my coat (and putting her muddy paws on my bare legs), it would have been perfect.

And now to work.

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