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Turning in early

I admit it, the kitchen table has me beat. I mean, I tackled some of it today, but damn, look at what I'm up against. So I'm going to battle it tomorrow, with plenty of sleep tonight, to arm myself. ;)

Flar's coming in on a 1:30pm flight, and I'd like to be able to point to a clean kitchen table as an accomplishment. He won't be very impressed with the empty mail table, seeing as how it generated a respectable pile of mail for him to process, and seeing as how I haven't finished getting caught up on processing the actual paperwork it represented.

Before I go to bed, I'll deal with one thing from the kitchen table: two paperback books I finished reading, and have yet to write about in 50bookchallenge. Then I can return one to our library and the other to Wolf, thus, it's really part of cleaning off the kitchen table. Really.

We've got plenty of leftovers built up, so maybe I can work on bookkeeping tomorrow afternoon before dinner time...

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