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An update about life

Gee, I haven't updated since Wednesday.

Wednesday, I went rode with Ro and Knight to the funeral for his aunt.

The individual who spoke at the funeral (I don't know if he was a minister, or merely a funeral home director, but my goodness did he preach) didn't know J, but he did a fine job of saying nice things and not pretending to know her.

It got me thinking about who would speak at my funeral. I don't attend any church, although I am a Christian. Occasionally I go to church with Wolf and Sydb, but not so often that the minister knows me. While I listened to this man speak about J and her faith in God, I kind of wondered about how much was true (and gleaned from interviewing family) and how much was wholecloth. And then I started thinking about how complicated my personal beliefs are. oof. Anyway, such is what goes my head when I'm sitting at a funeral for someone I never met. I sat with Ro, but Knight sat with the other pall-bearers.

Knight was included in the pall-bearers limo; Ro drove she and I in the funeral procession. The cemetary was way out in the country; it's awfully convenient that funeral processions drive slowly, as we had no idea where we were going. Once we parked, the gravesite was at the top of a pretty steep hill. The graveside service was short.

Wednesday night, I finished up the clothing bits of the laundry, and got the towels in the dryer.

Thursday before I left the house, I got the towels dried and the sheets washed and into the dryer, to complete the weeks' laundry. (I still haven't gotten around to getting the kids to sort and fold their share, and I need to fold the towels and sheets, but I *have* folded and put away my own clothes.)

I could only stay for two games at the Rookettes, because I had to pick up the boys at mid-day for early dismissal. Tigger's friend spent the night Thursday night, so I had an extra passenger on Thursday. I fixed the boys lunch, then sat down and caught up on email and LJ.

Flar picked up Kittybane on his way home from a meeting. She stayed in the house with Tigger and his friend, while Flar, Critter and I went to East Jessamine High School for an appointment with the principal. They told us about the curriculum, and we found out we'll need to schedule an appointment in February (during mid-winter break will be convenient) for registration, and possibly placement testing for Spanish. We found out that Critter will be allowed to take his PDA to school, and a cellphone if we get him one (although if it rings during class, it will be confiscated). We toured the school, mostly going through the freshman area classes.

After we got home, it was time for me to get ready for work. I didn't have a full shift on Thursday night -- just enough work to keep me busy til about 11pm. Next week's paycheck will not be impressive.

Friday morning, Critter babysat Tigger and his friend while we had school conferences, and then I drove Flar to the airport.

Tigger's conference can be summed up by saying that he is a good student, who rushes his work.

Critter's doing well in all of his classes, and the second half of his conference involved Flar asking piercing questions about what plans there are to make the eighth grade feel special. When Flar feels strongly about something, his questioning style can be pretty intimidating. Critter's advisor did an amazing job of not being defensive, while doing his best to answer questions, for most of which he didn't have answers.

After I got back home, I found out that T's mom wasn't picking him up until the afternoon, so when Knight came over to hang out, we went out shopping instead.

I went to Joseph-Beth to pick up some stuff for Wolf, and got caught by a display -- I walked out with three Christmas presents. I also got myself an ASL dictionary, and Knight picked up a couple of things for himself.

Then we went to Leather, Inc., where I bought Flar his 2004 appointment calendar. The salesman remembered the color of the 2003 one better than I did. While we were there, I found myself a nifty luggage tag holder large enough to hold my driver's license. The backing is a leopard pattern that changes with the viewing angle. I also picked up a Portuguese phrase book, to see if I can expand my portuguese.

Our next stop was Bed, Bath & Beyond, where I picked up another bit of my birthday present: a high-quality omelet pan. Not the Emeril one like Wolf's, but the quality appears to be the same, and I benefitted both from my 20% off one item coupon, and an in-store 20% discount on that brand.

Our last stop was Office Max, where Knight picked up brochures for furniture systems. He's looking to replace what's in the computer room, with something that opens up the room a little more.

Knight took me back home, then went to pick up his car from the body shop. After I had dinner and caught up on email and LJ, I went over to Knight and Ro's to watch Angel, Survivor, and Into the Night. After watching Independence Day last week, I was Jonesing for more Jeff Goldblum.

I ended up staying pretty late -- we decided to watch the 26 minute documentary about BB King and the music for the movie. It had a video in it, of BB King playing and singing, with Dan Akroyd, Michelle Pfeiffer & Steve Martin playing trombone, sax & trumpet, Eddie Murphy on drums, and Jeff Goldblum on the piano.

We looked up Goldblum, and found out that he is in fact a jazz musician -- I'm sure he had a ball getting to play with BB King. We couldn't find anything about Pfeiffer playing the sax, although she, Sarah Michelle Geller and Sarah Jessica Parker were involved in a charity art project in which Michelle created a fairly nice sax print.

I didn't get to sleep in this morning, though -- Tigger bowls in the YABA league on Saturday mornings. Today he didn't bowl well, especially in the King of the Hill competition, so he came home sulky. He qualified for the competition by bowling well over his average, early in the season, which means he's not meeting his average now.

After bowling, I came home feeling all lethargic. I really wanted to use this weekend to get caught up on bookkeeping, put it all behind me, and be able to concentrate on staying caught up from now on. But I came home all ready to read email & LJ and nap.

Then Wolf called. And pulled rank on me, telling me what to do. I told me to work for 20 minutes on a writing project, then work on the bookkeeping.

So far, I've opened all the mail. I've decided to add the mail to my Caught Up List. From now on, I'm going to open the mail each evening, so it won't be able to pile up. If I don't get bookkeeping completely caught up this weekend, I can at least establish where I'm putting bills and such from the mail as I open it, so that I can stay caught up on opening it.

Next step is the kitchen table. It's not supposed to be directly involved in bookkeeping, but it's very messy right now, and there's a pretty high chance that there's bills-related mail buried in the mess.

Meanwhile, the kids are watching Snow Dogs now, to be followed by Cats and Dogs probably in the morning.

Tomorrow, Tigger wants me to take them to see Good Dog!.

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