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it's because I have a task hanging over my head that I haven't completed, and a messy house. Makes me feel like I've done nothing, even when my pedometer disagrees.

Yesterday I bowled three games - we split with vacant, which means that as a team we bowled more than 30 points under average for two games, and made up for it in the third, enough to garner total pins.

Knight's aunt died on Sunday night or Monday, I'm not sure which. But not only did he show up for bowling yesterday, he also followed me around town on my errands for the day, including:
  • Sam's Club
  • Allergist
  • Dandelion Bead
  • CVS
  • Best Buy

And then he took me out to lunch at Macaroni Grill, where I ate the gooey cheesy appetizer (shrimp & artichoke dip), and he had something where the clams still had their shells, and we split dessert ravioli. More dessert menus should include caramel sauce.

Knight says it cheers him up to be around me. I like having the company.

When I got the boys home from school, Tigger helped me to make lasagne. We were one layer short on lasagne noodles, so the middle layer of pasta was farfalle, and Tigger thought it would be fun to add meatballs. It was a yummy dish, and made plenty of leftovers.

We watched XXX with dinner, and after the movie was over, I did a bit of housework type stuff:
  • Put fresh sheets on our bed
  • Sorted the dirty clothes
  • Sorted through "my hook" by the bathtub

and got ready for my bubble-bath with Wolf.

I'm currently caught up on the newspapers, I'm doing laundry (a load in each machine), and I need to catch up on dishes and coupons. The dishes are still contained in the dishpan, and the coupons are clipped, just need to be sorted into categories.

Today is the funeral for Knight's aunt, so I'll be going over to Knight and Ro's around noon and spending the afternoon with them. Flar said he could handle school pickup if I'm not back in town in time, and the boys know to go directly to extended day and not bother with carline today.

Before I get dressed and leave, I'm reading email, LJ and then washing dishes. If I have time after that, I'm thinking of vacuuming and mopping the laundry room floor, which sorely needs it.

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