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TLS First Parent-Board meeting ever

Is it any coincidence that the TLS board would decide to hold a parent-board meeting for the first time ever, after announcing that

There will be no Ninth Grade Class next year.

They made the decision without warning the parents that the topic was being discussed by the board. They made the decision in the September board meeting, and sent out a letter on September 26 to inform the parents.

Flar and I found out about this by receiving a voicemail message with a tone that assumed we already knew (I open mail once a week, we get mail from the school, usually about inane stuff irrelevant to either of our kids, at the rate of one or two pieces of mail a day.), and telling us about the parent-board meeting. Such meeting was not on any schedule or calendar previously published by the school, and was obviously arranged at the last minute.

It was one of those affairs where the PtB will "address parent concerns." Which means give us lots of time to ask lots and lots of questions, then not actually answer any of the questions, but tell us lots and lots of other stuff, that occasionally uses some of the words in the questions.

I am still very angry about all of this.

Critter was looking forward to going to Ninth Grade at TLS. There is generally only one class of kids left at the grade, and they get a level of education that is irreproducible anywhere else. None of the local private high schools comes close to the student/faculty ratio that TLS had for its ninth grade, and HEY, none of those teachers are full-time ninth grade, so it's actually costing the school lost tuition base next year to support the same level of staffing!

They talked about the eighth grade being hard on kids who choose to go to highschool starting at 9th grade, and not having any separation rituals like graduation and the rest. They didn't give ANY coherent information on plans to give THIS year's eighth graders any of these rituals. Any plans to make THIS year's eighth graders feel special. They aren't the top grade in the school. And there was no information given, other than that there will be a graduation ceremony. Oh joy. What about the rest of the top-of-school perks that 9 graders have always gotten? No word, no response, please, come join the graduation planning committee.

Oh, did I mention that Critter is in eighth grade this year?

Did I mention that his grade saw a record four* staff changes in the fifth grade, and they're starting out this year with one staff replacement to last until Late November? (* Math, Science, History and one of the non-core classes)

I'm still very angry, and the kind that I keep hearing happens to Sydb or Canuckgirl (causing tears), which usually doesn't happen to me. I get my tears, yes, but usually not from anger.


I hate the feeling of helpless that comes from removal of choice.

Really going to stop now.

I need to think about just about ANYTHING else.

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