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What I Did on My Birthday Vacation, and after...

I described my birthday, but not the rest of the weekend.

Friday, after a nifty breakfast made by for us by Wolf, Sydb took Roo and skeedaddled, to give Wolf and I alone time. Which we used well, I should think. :) We had talked about meeting Sydb somewhere, but it worked out better for her to return, feed and nap Roo, and we had lunch at home ourselves.

Then we set out for some birthday shopping and then the exciting Locks of Love haircut, as mentioned by Sydb. We spent some time taking long-hair pictures on Thursday night, but I don't have any good pictures of my new hair, yet. Sydb posted on the ones that was taken on Friday night, of which I don't have any copies. (My fault - there was opportunity to copy the memory cards and I copied one, but not the other.)

After haircuts, we had dinner at Panero Bread Co and went home kind of exhausted from a late night the night before.

Saturday, there was laying about at home, Lebif and Lady_A's wedding, Sydb's father's birthday party, and a late night at home that included Scrabble and Amethyst-powered backrubs. (Well, I did turn 42, so Scrabble seemed inescapable.)

One of my birthday presents was a game called Abalone, which Wolf taught me on either Saturday or Sunday morning. I think Saturday.

Sunday, we stayed in all day. Hurrah! (Unless you count Wolf going out on one (two?) errand(s?).)

At one point on Sunday, we played the game I gave Wolf for our Kissiversary (the week before): Zendo. It was a puzzle game, and one that went well with Sydb making cards and me working with beads. I officially covet Sydb's removable tape (cheaply acquired when I get around to it) and Wolf's dice tray, which I used for beading, and which will be more difficult to reproduce. I'm thinking cigar box and felt, but I need to find a really NICE cigar box. :)

I got to wear my collar lots, and be with Master as slave. A birthday boon. It means that all the Locks of Love pictures have my collar in them, which vexes Sydb for scrapbooking, but meant a lot to me. And then, weirdly, after I took off my collar for wedding (Flar was there, and the collar is essentially disrepectful to him) and the birthday party for Sydb's Dad, I didn't get it back on until quite late on Sunday. Sigh.

The other BDSM-y bit was pain and markings. I got my birthday spankings early Friday morning, after we played with long hair and took pictures. Wolf used a flogger I have that phaeton_theseus made for me ages ago. I'd never like the handle, and thought I'd done a good job of changing it, but there was a weak link between the new handle and the leather straps. We replaced it with a split-ring keychain, and Thursday night, Wolf pulled the keychain almost straight using the flogger.

Saturday night, we bought a 200-pound rated c-bolt to replace the link. Sunday night, Wolf gave me a fine beating, and the link held. Yay! I really like the flogger - it's totally thuddy, and doesn't even leave marks.

Oh yeah, marks. I did get marks though. Most notable is the large bruise on my arm from a vicious bite. And a tender spot on my chin that, thankfully, did not bruise.

Wolf took care of Roo by himself a bit on Sunday so that Sydb and I could have alone time, and that was nice. We are quite the sheep, though, I tell you.

I had to go home on Monday, and there was actually work on Monday night. I did *some* of the dishes-catching-up on Monday.

Tuesday I bowled, ran some errands, and had this kind of reactive sludgey thing happen to my activity level between school pickup and time for bath/phone call.

Wednesday, I got out of the house in the morning to get my driver's license renewed, then Knight took me to see The Rundown. Fun movie, but I'm glad I picked Secondhand Lions for my birthday.

Work called in sick, and I spent Wednesday night catching up. I ran all the clothing loads of laundry, and the towels - there are still sheets and blankets to run. I cleaned the kitchen: microwave, counters, stovetop, the rest of the dishes.

Yesterday, I worked on Rookettes records, before and after bowling (I'm now caught up/ahead) and TLS Chess Club stuff. I sent out the email about today's first meeting after doing some address book maintenance to the TLSChess account. Then I went to work, and used up all the piddling amount of work they gave me, even with a 3 hour dinner break to go to a meeting at school.

And I just fielded a call from Opman, who says to call next Wednesday to see if there will be work on Thursday, as he doesn't expect any before then.

Last night's meeting will take some journalling of its own account.

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