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Progress Report

Hmm, never got to dish-washing -- that'll come after I get home, then.

What I've done:
  • The last load of laundry is in the dryer, my clothes are folded and put away, Matt's are hung up and in his basket ready to fold, and the boys' are ready for them to sort.
  • Unpacked from my trip to Texas. Yes, I just got back yesterday, isn't this amazing? Quick turn-arounds make for a wonderful incentive.
  • Consulted with Flar about what to buy for Lebif and Lady_A. Called and got it set aside to pick up after bowling tomorrow.
  • Worked on a massive plan for the weekend, including looking up movie showtimes and finding bead stores in Louisville
  • Called and left a message at work; no one is working the switchboard, so I'll need to float this particular phone call on my calendar until I get through

What I have left to do:
  • Get the oil changed in my car
  • Take the boys grocery shopping on the way home from school.
  • Work on bookkeeping (In this case, find a new home for the spread out, but sorted piles of paperwork, so we can use the dining room table tonight.
  • Fold and Put away the towels
  • Pack for Louisville
  • Find out the low-down on bowling and prepare for tomorrow
  • Send out an email to TLS parents about first chess club starting up a week from Friday
  • Catch-up on dishes, newspapers & coupons
  • Pick up Lebif & Lady_A's present after bowling
  • Get my allergy shot

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