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I'm home again. My Nicholasville home. I get to spend portions of 5 days in my Louisville home, starting tomorrow. Which means I have tons to do here. ;)

I was dead tired when I got to Louisville yesterday. Long layovers in airport should make for a more relaxed travel day. And, they do, but I also got up at 5 am CDT, so it was just a long day, and I spent much of it toting around my carry-on baggage.

While I was in St. Louis airport, I got caught up on list-mail, and even worked for awhile on a writing project. Go me!

I finished two books while I was on vacation - Watership Down and Equal Rites.

I got to nap and reconnect with Wolf and Sydb before I drove home last night, and I got to see the boys before they went to bed.

I made some phone calls on my way home, and bowling is now very confusing. I need to call the Tuesday secretary to see if I can understand what's happening.

Stuff I need to get done today:
  • Laundry - I've already sorted it, and started two loads
  • Unpack/Pack
  • Shop for Lebif & Lady_A's wedding gift
  • Find out the low-down on bowling and prepare for tomorrow
  • Figure out a slight more refined schedule for what I want to do this weekend for my birthday
  • Send out an email to TLS parents about first chess club starting up a week from Friday
  • Catch-up on dishes, newspapers & coupons
  • Work on bookkeeping

Update: I knew I was forgetting something. I also need to call Opman about work, and tomorrow I have to remember to get my allergy shot.

Tonight, Knight and Ro and Kittybane and Starmaiden are coming over to celebrate my birthday, which is tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have bowling in the morning, and then I'm going to Louisville, either from bowling or from home, depending on how ready I am.

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