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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Jiggety Jig
I'm home again. My Nicholasville home. I get to spend portions of 5 days in my Louisville home, starting tomorrow. Which means I have tons to do here. ;)

I was dead tired when I got to Louisville yesterday. Long layovers in airport should make for a more relaxed travel day. And, they do, but I also got up at 5 am CDT, so it was just a long day, and I spent much of it toting around my carry-on baggage.

While I was in St. Louis airport, I got caught up on list-mail, and even worked for awhile on a writing project. Go me!

I finished two books while I was on vacation - Watership Down and Equal Rites.

I got to nap and reconnect with Wolf and Sydb before I drove home last night, and I got to see the boys before they went to bed.

I made some phone calls on my way home, and bowling is now very confusing. I need to call the Tuesday secretary to see if I can understand what's happening.

Stuff I need to get done today:
  • Laundry - I've already sorted it, and started two loads
  • Unpack/Pack
  • Shop for Lebif & Lady_A's wedding gift
  • Find out the low-down on bowling and prepare for tomorrow
  • Figure out a slight more refined schedule for what I want to do this weekend for my birthday
  • Send out an email to TLS parents about first chess club starting up a week from Friday
  • Catch-up on dishes, newspapers & coupons
  • Work on bookkeeping

Update: I knew I was forgetting something. I also need to call Opman about work, and tomorrow I have to remember to get my allergy shot.

Tonight, Knight and Ro and Kittybane and Starmaiden are coming over to celebrate my birthday, which is tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have bowling in the morning, and then I'm going to Louisville, either from bowling or from home, depending on how ready I am.

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ya know Deb, I really don't think you are doing enough, could you maybe try to be busy this week or something? *duck*


You say that, without seeing the master planning session that is going on in email about the upcoming weekend.

Spread out over many days, it's not like I really wanna do too much, it's just that there's a wedding and a birthday dinner (Sydb's dad's) taking a good chunk out of Saturday, and then neither of two major time activities that I wanna do are open on Sundays. So Friday and Saturday are getting tromped on, big time.

Honey, you need to hire a personal assistant. :)

Hee hee, I grew two of them.

Critter and Tigger were a big help in the grocery today, getting items to match coupons, wheeling the two carts out to the car, loading the car and carrying the groceries into the house.

I'll send your birthday stuff out today or tomorrow, so you can plan on a prolonged birthday. I rather like that idea, actually :)
You'll have to let me know when your stuff arrives, so I can post on LJ about finding it ;>

Re: streching it out...

I will make a point of it. :)

Thank you!

Re: streching it out...

If all goes well, the package should go out on your birthday - that way I'll fell like I'm doing something special for the occasion :)
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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