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All packed and ready to go home

Today, Mom took me shopping for my birthday presents. Over the course of the weekend, I got, in order of remembering it:

a CO2 powered wine-bottle opener
two pairs of spikey-heeled, strappy sandals (one pair more spikey-heeled than the other)
a new pair of knit shorts suitable for bowling (I need to retire the pair I've been pairing out)
a spring-colors tie-dyed shirt
a yard of clear PVC
a roll of stretchy bead cord
two brightly colored bandanas
a set of useful straps
three colorful, minature spray bottles
an additional vinegar/water bottle
card cases for Ro
Home Filing category labels
itty purple clips
Oz books for the boys
two metal shoe racks (which I managed to fit in my duffle, huzzah!)
a rainbow-colored birthday teddy bear
a green rubber trivet
oh, and
can't forget the timeshare gift: the gold & opal bracelet that she picked up in St. Thomas, that I get to wear until Christmas, when we swap custody of it.

We shopped at Dillard's, Catherine's, Half-Priced Books, The Container Store, Hobby Lobby and Hancock's. I might have forgotten some of what we picked up at The Container Store.

I managed to fit all of the surplus into my duffle, but Butterscotch is flying coach instead of cargo on the return trip.

Besides shopping today, we visited Granny twice, ate lunch at Subway and picked up dessert at California Pizza Kitchen. I made breakfast burritos for dinner tonight.

Yesterday, we went to church in the morning, visited Granny, ate lunch at Pappasito's, saw Secondhand Lions, napped, and had cake and ice cream over at L's house. Her birthday was Sunday, and she was sweet and shared the birthday spotlight with me, since I was there. :)

When we got home, we watched the repeat of the season opener of Survivor. I shall maintain my non-TV watcher status once I got home, but I must admit to an immediate bias in favor of the Drake team.

And now it's time to sleep, since I'm getting on a plane at 7:50am CDT.

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