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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Saturday evening in Texas
Written on my PDA:

7:09 pm: I'm sitting at a dinner. My parents go to these things. Stonecroft Ministries is a non-denominational, Christian ministry that appears to center around dinners & luncheons. Anyway, they've got dancers & a musician performing tonight, & they're setting up the music right now. Comments made about a piece of equipment: "it's either for a musician or a proctologist." and, it is shaped like a butt plug, but damn! it's huge.

Mom and Dad picked me up at the airport, and dropped by Krispy Kreme on the way home. A dozen hot glazed and a dozen assorted. My folks prefer creme over custard, and they charge more for donuts down here in Texas.

I got my computer all set up at the laptop station Daddy set up for himself. A tiny little desk that used to be mine, with just enough room (after what's taken up by organized clutter) for my laptop and PDA cradle.

They took me to the Stonecroft thing. Tonight was a couples club event. Mom and Dad and I were a threesome, instead. Leave it to their poly daughter. No, Mom and Dad don't know I'm poly, but I keep living in this alternate reality where they already know, and make comments in my head in that reality. ;) I did point out that I'm quite accustomed to being a third wheel.

I won a door prize. For having a picture of my mother-in-law. No one had one in their purse or wallet, so my having one in the visor pocket of my car came close enough. It's actually a clipping of her obituary, that someone at bowling game me. I also have the kangaroo stickpin with an opal belly stuck in the visor. I guess that makes my car visor a sort of mini-memorial shrine to my mother-in-law. Since I drove her to dialysis in that car for months before she died, I suppose it's kind of appropriate.

I picked the door prize because it had leopard-print tissue paper in the gift bag. The prize itself is a faux-rusted luminary. Not sure what the heck I'd do with it. But it was fun to win something.

Dinner was yummy, but too filling. I had trouble staying awake to listen to the speaker. These luncheon/dinner thingies have entertainment & doorprizes during yummy food, then a speaker, who "gives their testimony." If you're Christian, of any of the evangelical strains, you'll know what that means. I was annoyed about being sleepy, because this guy's life was a pretty interesting tale. And then I started getting cold, cause the place was airconditioned low enough to handle three times the number of people in the room.

Once we got home, I finally got caught up on LJ (since about 1pm yesterday) and the comics. Now I need to skedaddle to bed, since tomorrow is the latest time available for waking up to fix breakfast for Daddy. He has to leave the house at 7:30 tomorrow for church, so I need to get up at 6:30. But, work days, he leaves by 7, so this is my best choice. I want to fix breakfast burritos for him (well, and Mom and me, but we're going to church later, in her car -- he has to be there early to do the sound), since Mom bought the ingredients and all.

I'm not convinced a sixth grader could muddle through this dreck. ;)

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I'm missing it somewhere I'm sure, but where in texas are you?

I'm in San Antonion, and going home in the morning.

Departing on a 7:50am flight, no less.

Mom took me on a whirlwind shopping trip today for my birthday. I've convinced her that she was fiscally responsible, since she spent less on me today than she would have on my ticket. She sent me southwest reward coupons to get here, you see. :)

If I hadn't ended up in the hospital I would have tried to haul my butt up there, San Antonio is way close to us! You have to visit down this way sometime.

I'm hoping to be able to come for a longer visit in the spring or summer, and then I'd love to see your new house. :)

Mom and Dad are coming KY way this Christmas, else I'd suggest trying to see you then...

Spring or Summer would be cool - Christmas and Turkey day will likely be spent in Alabama this year

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