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Traveler's update

Sat, 1:33pm EDT: I'm sitting in the Houston airport with a longer layover between flights. I've already eaten a lunch of hotdog with cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise, and the air conditioning is set too low for comfort in these spandex shorts of mine. So I've decided to get out my portable lap warmer, with bonus data processing capacity. I'll post these when I get online tonight at Mom and Dad's. There's a dataport in the phone in front of me, but I'm being cheap. ;)

The first flight was really two, a through flight from Louisville to Houston, with a stop in Birmingham. Uneventful, and really not up to the usual standard of humor for Southwest. But bonus, they had Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies! Beats peanuts or pretzels anyday. :)

I've finished reading Watership Down, and for purposes of load-lightening, I packed my additional books in my checked baggage. So I'm soaking up the wait time by updating my journal and then reading back list-mail.

I had a nice afternoon and evening with Wolf and Sydb. I felt like I was on vacation, as soon as I got away from the house. Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the first time that Wolf and I kissed; the first time that he declared his love for me (we'll ignore the context - he and Sydb were selling Partilite candles and I had just consider aloud whether I'd be buying an pillar candles).

I had the bright idea of bringing dinner, but the Eggplant Parmesan did not survive the freeze and thaw process, so we ended up with Pizza Magia. I had brought Wolf a gift though, and savored the rare achievement of giving him a game he hadn't seen or read about. :) Bonus, a game wherein one of the players is called "Master."

We didn't try to play the game last night, but I'm hoping that we'll get a chance to play it (save it for me, Wolf?) when I'm there for my birthday next weekend. I know that's ages to wait though. ;)

We watched The Road to El Dorado, which I haven't seen since it was in the theater. I just love the little armadillo. :)

We got a surprisingly long amount of sleep, which is nice, because I'm going to my parents' well-rested.

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