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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Can we just rewind this day?
My spice are stressed, by work and house. I'm stressed by bowling.

And all of that is kind of everyday, hurts-to-be-alive pain -- kind of like the pain of working out, in a way-- compared to ladonne's day.

She's not allowing comments, so I'll just write about it here. She's been in pain for weeks, and been poked and stabbed and prodded for days, and now they've found a lump. And you know, it sounds like it doesn't even really explain what brought her in. Grr.

Remember when a lump was a good thing? One lump or two, old fashioned sugar lumps, superior natural predecessor to those machine-formed cubes.

My prayers are with you LaDonne. And maybe the prayers and good energy of my friends.

May God calm your fears, ease your pains, and give wisdom to your doctors.


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The problem with rewinding a bad day...

...is then you just have to live through it all over again :-/


Re: The problem with rewinding a bad day...

until you find just the exactly right way to live through it.

I'm a fan of Groundhog Day.

I wish I could have contained my temper better.

But, points for me - I didn't use profanity during the meeting, and I didn't cry until I was in the car with just LaDonna_Rena. Who gave me permission to vent, after I asked if I could rant, or should we talk about something else?

Maybe they'll find a towel wadded up in ladonne, too. ;)

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