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Blindsided by a teammate

I am just so mad I could spit nails.

All I can say is that I didn't use profanity in the meeting. Go me.

This was the fourth week of bowling. Grace has decided that she can't bowl on Thursdays because she needs to take care of her mother. This isn't the reason, but it was the catalyt for Prez to raise the question of disbanding the league.

No prep time. No calling me to ask my opinion, no researching anything about the other league and whether members who still wanted to bowl could form teams in the other league. Etc, etc.

There was much discussion, and I finally asked for someone to call a question. Y called for those in favor of continuing to bowl in the Rookettes. People who were considering bowling on Tuesdays complained that they were being put on the spot, so I interrupted the voting and instead asked for a vote on whether to table this until next week. That passed unanimously.

I let everyone know how I felt about it. That I expected this vote to come up in the spring, but that we had formed teams, and started bowling, and were already in our fourth week of bowling. I didn't point out during the meeting that I've already done 90% of the work for this league. That they would be, in effect, firing me, the only paid employee of the league.

I did point out all of this to Prez. The only other name on a signed contract with the bowling alley that says we'll bowl for 32 weeks as a league.

I didn't use profanity, but I called them quitters. That it was a vote on whether to quit. Hell, half the people that are in favor of disbanding already bowl on the Tuesday league. There is no way that what they are doing is NOT quitting. Dictionary definition of quitting. Signup for a 32 week league, knowing that there are only five three-person teams, and four weeks later, decide that because one person quit, everything's different and they want to quit?

I expected this issue to come up the first week of bowling. There had been some talk about it after the organizational meeting. That didn't happen, so I figured we had one season left before we decided to hang it up as a league. I never expected to have it raised in the middle of the season. Worse, by my own teammate.

I was so furious today, I don't even remember how I bowled. Except that it was above my 150 average the first game, and below for the second two. And that we beat LaDonna_Rena and Spydielives for all four points. Sorry about that, ladies.

It turns out that all four new members of the league are in favor of continuing, and many of the long-time members of the league are undecided. Then there are three members who already bowl on Tuesdays that want to quit on Thursdays. I just never expected Prez to suggest quitting. We'll see what happens next week.

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