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More unexpected time

Only, really, I was sort of anticipating this...

I ran out of work. By 9pm. After a fairly leisurely dinner break.

So I've got more time to work on bookkeeping (sounds better than bills). Go me.

But first, this in:

Flar is home. Yay!

Things I did right:
  • There was fresh lettuce in the house, so he could have salad at dinner. He's now out of salad dressing.
  • The jacuzzi top was clear, so he could soak in it earlier this evening.
  • The mail was sorted, so we knew right away that a client check came in.
  • The kitchen table was cleared off, with all "my stuff" relagated to one messy tray on the corner of the table.

What I did wrong, was procrastinate on getting caught up on bookkeeping. So that's what I'm doing in my unexpected time tonight.

Bonus, Flar noticed and commented about the lettuce, and used the jacuzzi. He didn't say anything about bookkeeping, so go me!

Now for work...

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