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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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More from Parent Night
I've never really mentioned that the TLS librarian could be a poster woman for traditional school librarian. White haired, very dignified, quiet, etc. etc. She's subbing for Critter's English teacher, who just gave birth. There are three terms in the school year, and Madame Librarian (no, Shirley Jones isn't the classical school librarian - she portrayed the youthful potential of one) will be subbing for the first term.

Anyway, two of the three novels that they'll be reading are Catcher in the Rye and Farenheit 451. I thought it was interesting that first they would read a book famed for being banned, and then they would read a story of book burning. It seems the theme will be the dangerous potential inherent in independent thinking. No, the third book wasn't 1984, but I can't remember what is was.

Gosh, Critter's Spanish teacher is a cutie. We're not supposed to have those thoughts, sitting at the student desks, listening to the teachers pitch their classes, are we?

Side conversations.

I cornered Coach. He hasn't pinned down getting the coach from Meadowthorpe, but he seems confident that we'll have no problem with that. He had gotten my email, just hadn't gotten around to answering it. And, he thinks it's reasonable to schedule the first chess club for the first Friday in October, even if Bride can't be there.

To stay or to go? Many of the parents were talking about where their 8th graders would be, next year. Here, Critter wants to stay, and Flar wants him to start High School as a freshman instead of waiting. I lean toward supporting Critter, but it's an expensive decision. I talked to other parents who want their kids to stay, but the kids want to go on the high school. Bizarre. I think the new contracts come out in February, and I'd just as soon put aside discussions until then. Maybe our finances will be such that the numbers won't make the decision.

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Hmm, I'm not surprised that Critter wants to stay - he's comfy there, he knows the grounds and the kids and his brother is there, too.

Not that my opinion counts as far as it is goes, but if Critter were my kid I'd encourage him to start 9th at the public school next year, so he's on an even footing with all the other freshmen, rather than waiting until 10th when more "cliques" will have formed up and he'd be more of an outsider. I think although it may seem harder in the short term to leave TLS, that he'd be better off in the long run.

You know, I have a lot of trouble buying the "clique" argument. Critter will have spent 10 or 11 years at TLS by the time he hits high school. Almost all of the kids at East Jessamine High are coming from East Jessamine Middle. Period. There isn't so much mixing up between the schools that there will be any kind "new here too" contact. The only thing new will be the building.

And the other Jessamine TLS kids live on the other side of town, and will be feeding into West Jessamine.

Flar says he's not worried about the academic quality at East Jessamine (poor, compared to West, according to the state numbers), because of the education TLS will be giving Critter. I say, ensure that by giving him that last year.

Like Flar had.

Back when Fayette was on a Jr/Sr High system.

Just out of curiosity, is there any reason why he *has* to go to East Jessamine if West is so much better?

Back in my school days, there were about six or seven elementary schools that fed into two junior high schools, and then into one high school (in my area). So about half of the Jr High kids didn't know each other beforehand, which was cool.

So Critter is the *only* TLS kid who will be going to East Jessamine, or am I reading that wrong? So in other words, he'll have to make all new friends in high school (regardless of whether he starts there in 9th or 10th)? Hmm.

Did I ever mention that I wanted to go to private (ie: boarding) school for high school (having done all public schools until then) but my dad wouldn't let me because "I'd be going away to college soon enough"? Bleh.

So why is it that TLS goes through 9th grade? It seems odd that they'd go just *that far* into high school, but no further. Harrumph. You'd think they'd either go through 8th grade, or finish up through 12th. : P

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