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short update, then nap

Okay, I think I've taken care of that pesky high average on Thursdays. Today I bowled 171 126 & 121, which should lower my average from 155 to 150. We only won the first game. :(

Work was a ghost town last night. Details wasn't there -- I don't know what's up with that. I'd call and dish, but I can't find her number. I had it, but I don't know what I've done with it -- it never made it into either my PDA or my phone.

Anyway, I listened to my player until it hit the last song for the second time (the first round started somewhere in the middle of the playlist), and then turned on talk radio. Some court-tv babe, filling in for Neil Borz. Not sure who's worse. ;) I got lots done, though. I finished the first queue I was pointed to, then tackled what I thought would finish the night, but finished it, and started on a third. Go me. There appear to be new boxes for Prep people, so maybe there'll be more work waiting tonight, and Details will be back.

I folded and put away all of last week's towels, then cleaned & sorted all of this week's clothes. The boys have already taken away their share, and I've a small basket to fold tomorrow.

I've gotten Rookettes set up now, and it will take only minor upkeep each week - my goal is to make that a Friday task.

I took 4300+ steps yesterday, getting closer to my initial goal of 5000 for non-bowling days. I've already logged over 4000 today, just with bowling, so my initial goal for bowling days is 10,000. I'm getting up more at work, taking 5 minutes breaks, and walk/dancing around the office. Last night, since I was there alone, I started getting carried away and doing some leg kicks as well. ;)

Oh, I meant to write about my teenaged pod-boy. Aren't teenagers supposed to be impossible to wake up, surly, give attitude and all that? Critter wakes *me* up in the morning, and has been consistently helpful around the house and cheerful. Not only that, but in a complete turnaround since 6th grade (he's in 8th this year), he just brought home a history test, in which the points off where all in the factual section, and the teacher complimented him on his essay. He used to hate writing.

Tigger is also being a wonderful dream child. He's sort of dream child age, really, at 9. Old enough to be an independent thinker and have insightful comments, etc., yet young enough to still be a kid. There are days i wouldn't be able to survive without my Tigger hugs. He seems to be doing well in school this year, but his biggest concern is that 3rd and 4th grades have different recess times, so he's not getting to see his 4th grade friends.

Now for my nap, so that I can last through work tonight.

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