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9:30am: Flar is out of town, Critter is at a sleepover, and I'm at the bowling alley with Tigger. Next week, I bring my old PDA: the one with the keyboard accessory.

Tigger has a birthday party to attend at Laserquest; we're stopping at Toys R Us on our way.

After I bring Tigger home from his party, Ro is coming over, and we're going to the scrapbook store in Nicholasville.

The rest of my weekend is unplanned, but I think I used up my quota if laziness yesterday.

List for the weekend:
  • Tigger's bowling
  • Toys R Us
  • Laserquest
  • Scrapbooking Store
  • Clean up stamping stuff
  • Dishes
  • Kitchen Table
  • Rookettes records
  • TLS Chess startup
  • Update Quicken
  • Reconcile medical bills & EOBs
  • Fold & Put away towels

10:54am: I decided to go to Toys R Us while the kids bowled, since they got such a late start. Tigger told me Lego, Star Wars or Harry Potter. I found a "Chamber of Winged Keys" set on clearance. Woot!

11:02 am: While I was waiting for Tigger to bowl, I read this editorial from the Philadelphia Inquirer. It was re-published in the Herald Leader yesterday, and I liked what it had to say.

11:10 am: Timothy bowled 104 109 83, for a series of 296 and an average of 98. He says he got tired in the third game. Last season, the division in which he bowled only bowled two games a week.

Now I'm at home, after dropping Timothy off at his birthday party. I've eaten lunch, hotsynced the PDA, and am going to veg with email and LJ until time to go pick him up.

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