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Lazy is an understatement

I read the penultimate chapter of Order of the Phoenix to the boys this morning, then napped while Flar drove them to school.

No wait, I napped before and after fixing myself cheese eggs and biscuit for breakfast, and reading the comics and LJ.

After sufficient napping, I played around on LJ a bit and read email. Eventually I remembered about wanting to make a card for Gaucha, before Flar left town. That was a romp.

I used:
  • the candle and "Make a Wish" stamps from Mini Mates
  • Fabrico markers
  • Bold and Brights stampin' spots
  • Gold embossing powder
  • White card-stock with embedded confetti
  • Orange cardstock
  • Yellow Daisy Head Brads
to make a birthday cake full of candles on the front of a card made from yellow cardstock. I burned the top edge of the white card-stock, so that it looked like the candles had done it.

On the inside, I glued plain white paper to write a note, and stamped the bottom right corner with a clock face from Papa's Pocket.

On the back, I stamped a bee, in orange and black, and my personalized signature stamp in orange.

Then I got really silly on the envelope. I made a "40" template to mask part of the envelope and densely stamped over and around it to fill the background with about 8 of the B&B colors, using the balloon and bee stamps from The Fine Print. I put the To: and From: endorsements in the 40-shaped white space.

On the back, I stamped one copy of each of the two The Fine Print stamps, since they weren't clearly readable with all the overstamping on the front. Stamped the bottom with another part of my signature stamp, and then stamped across the seal with one of the Something Nice splashes. But, forgot to put down the background splash first, so it was rather thin. So I got out my puffy pen, and got carried away with that, on the front and back.

It turns out, if you hold the heat gun on the puffy dots long enough, they pop like popcorn.
By the time I was done, I decided to put the whole thing in a sandwich baggie to preserve the final product before delivery. I hope Gaucha likes it.

Since then, I've written more email, chatted some on AIM, and eaten dinner. The kitchen is a disaster with all my stamping stuff everywhere, and I'm kind of basking in a messy business-travel-widow mini-holiday from cleaning.

Critter is spending the night with a friend. Tigger is watching Cartoon Network while I veg.

Oh, my mom sent me this cool picture, but for some reason Eudora made 4 copies of it. Suspecting they might form an animation, I dragged out my animator to put them all back together. Nope. But while I was in there, I played around with some of the transition playthings and made the icon for this entry.

isn't it pretty?


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