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Didn't get lots and lots done, but I did get much done...

  • Breakfast
  • Wash dishes
    Wiped down the counters and the inside of the microwave, too.
  • Bank
  • Mail Invoices
  • Tuesday Tigers
  • Sam's
  • Allergist
    They're in the new office space now.
  • Rainbow store - for a new belt for the carpet beater.

All before lunch. Ate lunch, read the newspaper, did the crossword, felt very sleepy. Got to carline on time and worked on coupons in the car.

After school, the list got fuzzy. Didn't get online until after dinner, even to review my things to do list, so there were a few changes and additions:

  • [new]Nap
    I was so sleepy when we got back home, that I decided to lie down for a bit, and ended up with a very satisfying nap.
  • Make Pasticchio for Dinner
    Made Ham & Cheese casserole instead, to use the ham. A combination of pepperjack and swiss, due to supplies on hand. Turns out that pepperjack makes an excellent replacement.
  • Rookettes records and payment forms
  • [new]Caught up on email(-listmail) and LJ
  • Sort mail, post bills
    I only got as far as starting to inflict order on the kitchen table. Was too squeamish to make significant progress.
  • Sort this week's laundry
    Well, I got started on this, but never quite finished.
  • Bubblebath & Phone call with Wolf
    They have a meeting at church, and he's got some overtime at work; there may not be time for phone call tomorrow
    Looks like short phone call, starting late. I'm off to start my bubble bath ahead of phone call and read the rest of the newspaper.

Tomorrow will be laundry and paperwork day, with Knight to keep me company.


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