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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My weekend
A terrific, long, busy weekend.

I got lots and lots of time with Wolf and Sydb and Roo. We played games with the boys on Saturday. We watched lots and lots of movies. We chased Roo around the house. I finally got caught up on live journal, and I'm even caught up on newspapers, including today's crossword.

There's a bit of picking up and rearranging to do, but the kitchen is remarkably clean, given the length of the weekend.

We went to a scrapbooking store in Nicholasville today -- Ro, did you know that was there? And I got a half-size funnel tray for catching embossing powder. And a box of daisy-head brads. Which phrase put Wolf in mind of bradhicks with a Daisy-Head-Maisy head covering.

Wolf brought me new music, that I'll be loading on my player for work this week. And a copy of Equal Rites to read when I'm done with Watership Down. That I'm loaning to Flar, since I'm still less than a third through WD.

Tigger went to a pool party. Flar took Tigger and Critter to Brody's house for a family cookout, which gave Wolf and Sydb and I some alone time in the house.

I'm all recharged on my Wolf-Sydb connected-ness, and ready to face the everyday challenges of getting through until the finances are worked out. We've withdrawn money from college savings to pay for the first part of TLS, but hope to be caught up, with enough to make the next TLS payment and pay back into college savings, by the end of the year. And there's a little money, so more bills can be paid.

  • Breakfast
  • Wash dishes
  • Bank
  • Mail Invoices
  • Tuesday Tigers
  • Sam's
  • Rainbow store - for a new band for the carpet beater.
  • Allergist
  • Make Pasticchio for Dinner
  • Rookettes records and payment forms
  • Sort mail, post bills
  • Sort this week's laundry
  • Bubblebath & Phone call with Wolf?
    They have a meeting at church, and he's got some overtime at work; there may not be time for phone call tomorrow

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Nope, didn't know about the scrapbook store in Nicholasville. Maybe you and I will go there sometime. :)

That would be nifty. Maybe some weekend, or on a Tuesday or Friday evening?

Any of those days will work for me, just let me know when you want to go. :)

How about after I pick up Tigger from the birthday party he's attending, on Saturday? I'll be home around 2:30, I think.

That should work. Do you want me to meet you at your place around say 3:00?

Sure, that would be great!

See you tomorrow. :)

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