Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

minor update

I figured out why I was cranky yesterday. I started my period 4 days early. Grr.

So far, Roo seems to be surviving in our house, babyproof as it so totally is NOT. We've been pretty successful at following her around, and hit on the approved response to angry crying (she tripped over Tigger on the floor while Sydb and Wolf were in the shower): let her cry. As soon as we stopped trying to get her to stop, she stopped, and played beanie babies with Tigger.

I'm in the kitchen making dinner, while Sydb makes yet another attempt at a nap (I'm hoping this one was successful), and the boys play Munchkin with Wolf. I won the "learning to play" round, finishing as a:

Level 10 Halfing (super-munchkin) Wizard Thief, wearing Short Armor, wielding a Staff of Napalm, using a Cotion of Ponfusion and a Freezing Explosive Potion, even though cursed by a Chicken on my Head.

'Tis a right silly game.

I still haven't caught up on LJ.
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