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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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This morning was the first dress-up day of the school year. Neither Critter nor Tigger nor I could remember how to tie a tie. Tigger couldn't find one of his, and he's still a *tad* short for Flar's. Flar tied the boys ties, where I could see, to be reminded how. And we bought Tigger a tie on our trip to WalMart.

This afternoon, as I was leaving the house for carline, I called the dogs to go outside. Flood followed me closely, and went out promptly. I had to call the scotties again, and they trotted into the jacuzzi room, right into the crate. Where they sat there, and stared at me. I couldn't coax them outside, even by offering biscuits (Flood got one), so I called Flood back in, and she got a second bone for being so obedient when I left them in the crate.

The scotties may be weather dogs. There was a brief but heavy thunderburst while we were out.

We got the errands-out done (my Wal-Mart list bloomed from 7 items 15 with the help of the boys), and I've finished my part of the laundry, including folding Flar's clothes, which I consider to be optional. The boys still need to sort and fold and put away their clothes, and Flar needs to put away his. But *mine* are all put away. Woo hoo!

Now we're working on policing the downstairs rooms for floor-level choking hazards, and other miscellaneous getting-ready-to-have-an-ambulatory-1-year-old-in-the-house class activities.

After dinner.

We're still on a sliding 1.5-hours-til-they-get-here time table, as I haven't heard from Wolf and Sydb on the road, yet.

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How does a dress-up day work? What do they wear normally?

Regular Dress Code for the boys:

no jeans, no graphics larger than a diskette on the shirts (exceptions: TLS clothing, sweatshirts with logos from other academic institutions), no shorts after first conference day until after spring break. Not too loose, not too tight, shirts have to be tucked in, and belts must be worn with pants or shorts that have belt loops.

Dress Up Days are Fridays:

Boys have to wear pants & ties during "shorts season" and add a blazer during "no-shorts season."

Dress Down Days:

Occasionally, for instance during food drives, there are dress down days, when jeans are allowed. Or, there are patriotism days when jeans and t-shirts with patriotic designs are allowed, or UK days. That kind of thing.

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