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Okay, Thursdays and Fridays are definitely going to be a challenge.

Thursday, because it's going to be so damn busy, with Rookettes and working, AND because it's immediately after a full worknight.

Friday, because the off-work day is a temptation to veg in front of the computer all morning, catching up.

Yesterday I:
  • Dried a load of laundry before leaving the house
  • Made the boys breakfast - Tigger had sausage bits, Critter had a spam omelette
  • Finished a chapter of Order of the Phoenix
  • Got the boys to empty the sinks
  • Caught up on the hand-wash dishes
  • Put the last load of this week's laundry in the dryer
  • Picked up ladonna_rena
  • Started up Rookettes bowling, including extra start-up bookwork
  • Bowled a 192, 152, 132 series, thus screwing myself next week; our team took three points.
  • Dropped off LaDonna_Rena
  • Made King Ranch Chicken while Knight kept me company
  • Finished cleaning out my car in carline -- today I'll start in on coupons, fershur
  • Got to work on time and indexed over 7500 check numbers after indexing and double keying two tiny queues.

Today I:

  • Made sausage, egg & cheese biscuit for Critter, and spam biscuit for Tigger
  • Caught up the kitchen again -- Critter emptied the dishwasher sink without being asked, and the recycling sink was empty
  • Read another chapter of Harry Potter
  • Folded all the towels and put them away
  • Sorted the rest of the clean clothes
  • Caught up on email, but not LJ
  • Added a bunch of stuff to my calendar (and will hotsync after I get offline)
  • Haven't gotten dressed yet, so now I'm in a rush.

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