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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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The morning, so far.

Woke up at 6am. Tigger tried to wake me up at 5:30, but that didn't fly.

Got up, got dressed, fixed belgium waffles for the boys for breakfast. downloaded email and responded to it while I was cooking.

Left the house at 7:37am, got the boys to school by 8am. Very short carline. The physical plant manager (aka janiter) was out, behind pylons, making sure parents understood about not using the left turn directly into the parking lot -- we're supposed to go down to the next cut in the median, and merge traffic between directions of arrival where there is room for cars to line up.

Got to work a bit earlier than I'd said I could (I was anticipating running late, and the boys don't *have* to be at school until 8:15), so I tidied my car a little and continued listening to NPR, so that I could walk into the office at the earliest that I'd said I could get there. I clocked in at 8:27. Opman got there precisely at 8:30am, and asked me to let him get settled a bit before our meeting. I waited in the break room.

My review went well. We matched on most things - he marked me a little higher in two question, than I had marked myself. and,
ding-ding-ding, he's requesting a pay raise for me: a whole 6%. Whee. I think it will amount to about $18 more a paycheck. Not that much, but then I only work up to 21 hours a week, and the base rate was only $8 to start with. But, a raise is a raise, and it feels nice to get one. :) And, Flar said he was proud of me, which is really cool. (Wolf was also positive, but i don't remember exactly how he expressed it. It's more significant that Flar said he was proud, because he's more sparing of general compliments.)

In the employee comments area, I put down that I appreciate the opportunity for such a flexible schedule. It's what makes it possible for me to work, and still keep most of my existing commitments. Just not so much goofing off time.

Got home, helped Flar empty out a couple of laundry baskets of accumulated stuff from his car, and washed the dishes from last night's dinner prep.

Plan for the day:

  • sort and start the laundry
  • phone call with Wolf
  • more bills work
  • fix King Ranch Chicken for dinner
  • 2pm: shower, dress for work, pack dinner, leave for carline
  • work

Things I forgot on my first day of the school year are reading to the boys while I fix breakfast -- I read email instead, bad mommy -- and getting the boys to empty the kitchen sinks (dishwasher dishes & recycling).

Tomorrow, I'll wait until the boys are off to school before reading email.

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Review and Raise...

*does a scary little monkey dance*

Go Deb Go! :-D

Re: Review and Raise...

Whee, what a fun mental image. :)

And, are you channelling P.D.Eastman?

Hee hee.

Thank you.

Re: Review and Raise...

And, are you channelling P.D.Eastman?

Do you like my hat?

Re: Review and Raise...

You are, you are!

I do. What a hat! I like it! I like that party hat!

Re: Review and Raise...

Go Dogs Go was one of my favorite books as a child.

At CIT, and at AetherWorks, I had a copy of it on my bookshelf along with my technical books :-)

I need to find that copy and put it on my shelf here, too...

Re: Review and Raise...

That's cool. :)

I actually know people who haven't ever read this book. The way they're raising kids these days...

(Mind you, I first encountered Shel Silverstein as a adult, so I can't say my literary background is exemplary.)

Re: Review and Raise...

Actually, the first person I'd met as an adult who I knew for certain had read the book as a child was Lisa Hazard :-D

Congrats on the pay raise! Heck 6% is more of a raise than most of us get. I'm lucky if I get 3-4% most years. :)

Oh yes, I understand 6% to be a Very Generous raise.

Especially when expressed as percentages, rather than when brought to earth by the actual pay-scale upon which it's based. :) But after all, I'm getting to work a job where I don't have to think, am not expecting to work overtime, and get to pretty much call my own hours and days off and stuff.

Woohoo on the raise! These days, that's a HUGE raise, like Roina_arwen said, most companies are handing out 3-4% if you do superior performance, so you must have been doing super-superior. ;) Congrats!!

Yeppers, I know it's a big raise by percentages, and heck, I wasn't expecting ANY raise, cause right now business is pretty slow. So I was doubly pleased by the raise.

I don't think I mentioned in my post, Opman mentioned he thought I did a nice job of settling a good example of come in, work, and go home. Get along with others, but don't bring a lot of baggage in with me. That's almost verbatim. And sounds weird, unless you listen to some of mega-drama that goes on in the background between some of the dayshift workers who hate each other. Oh, and the history of second shift, which had it's own long periods of Very Low Productivity, since there's no supervision.

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